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The terms “high maintenance” and “low maintenance” often pop up in discussions about beauty and wellness. Typically, being high maintenance involves a complex, time-consuming routine, while low maintenance means sticking to a simpler, more manageable routine. However, transitioning from high maintenance to low maintenance doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the quality of your care. Here, we’ve compiled a list of beauty and health tips to help you streamline your routine without sacrificing results.

The Beauty Of Simplicity: Low Maintenance Beauty Routines

Many people mistakenly believe that high maintenance beauty routines are the only way to achieve optimal results. The truth, however, is that a simple, yet effective routine can do wonders for your skin. This routine only needs to consist of three steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

High maintenance products like serums, eye creams, and night creams can still be incorporated into a low maintenance routine. Use these products as needed, rather than daily.

One product that is particularly beneficial to skin health is collagen supplements. These supplements, typically in powder or pill form, can boost your skin’s elasticity and hydration (1). Incorporating collagen supplements into your daily regimen can offer the benefits of a high maintenance routine without much effort.

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Embrace the Natural Look: Low Maintenance Haircare

Understanding your hair type is a significant first step toward adopting a low maintenance hair care routine. Your basic routine should consist of shampooing, conditioning, and protecting your hair from heat and environmental damage.

Try to minimize the use of heat tools, such as hairdryers and straighteners. These can damage your hair over time, leading to more work to repair and maintain it. Embrace and care for your natural hair, and you will find your routine becomes much simpler.

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Living Actively: Low Maintenance Fitness

Regular physical activity is vital for overall health (2). Fortunately, fitness doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym. Walking, yoga, and other low-intensity workouts can be just as effective for maintaining fitness. The key is to find an activity you enjoy and can fit into your schedule easily.

Nutritious and Delicious: Low Maintenance Healthy Eating

A balanced diet and proper hydration are cornerstones of a low maintenance healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen, though. There are plenty of quick, easy, and healthy meal ideas available.

Similarly, while it’s ideal to get your nutrients from food, you can also incorporate “high maintenance” nutritional supplements into your routine. Antioxidants (3), Omega-3 (4), and multivitamins (5) are all useful supplements that can help fill any gaps in your nutrition.

Self-Care: Low Maintenance Mental Health Practices

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to overall wellness. Effective stress management techniques, such as deep breathing, can be done anywhere and anytime you feel stressed (6). Additionally, getting quality sleep and incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine can also have significant benefits for your mental health (7).

Your Takeaway

Transitioning from a high maintenance lifestyle to a low maintenance one doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your care. By simplifying your beauty routine, embracing your natural hair, staying active, eating healthily, and looking after your mental health, you can maintain a high-quality routine without the high maintenance. Try incorporating these tips into your routine and see how low maintenance living can positively impact your life. We’d love to hear about your own low maintenance tips and experiences!

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