potassium keto
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How To Get Enough Potassium On Keto And Why You Need It

Following any kind of diet can be a challenge, especially when it means that some of your favorite treats are forbidden. When you are following a diet as restrictive as the keto diet, it is no easy feat. Your body goes through a lot of changes as it transitions into a ketogenic state. Muscle cramps, […]

water on keto diet
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How Much Water Should You Drink On Keto?

Whether you are following a diet or not, water is the key to life. A vital resource that is often taken for granted. If you have started following a low carb diet such as the keto diet, taking this precious liquid for granted can leave you feeling worse for wear and if you are not […]

herbs for energy
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What Are The Best Herbs For Energy?

Let’s face it, our lives are busier than ever these days. Our schedules are packed to the max and our to-do lists are overwhelming just looking at them. It is exhausting trying to fit in everything we need to in a day, and the more overwhelmed and stressed you are, the more exhausted and run […]

keto at mcdonalds
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Yummy Menu Ideas To Stick To Keto At McDonald’s!

With over 14,146 branches in the USA alone, there is no way to avoid passing a McDonald’s on your way home. There is no doubt that their food is delicious, so delicious that it is an iconic childhood memory for most. But you can just smell all the carbs dripping from those golden arches from […]

keto collagen
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Keto Collagen: Everything Keto Dieters Should Know About Collagen Peptides

The latest keto craze on everyone’s lips is collagen peptides. The use of collagen in various beauty and food items is nothing new, but today it seems these essential amino acids have gone viral. This is not surprising considering the health benefits collagen provides, but how much do you really know about it? And more […]