Are You Suffering From Pill Fatigue?

You’re running a little late today. You’ll make it on time, but it’s going to be tight. Midway through your breakfast, you contemplate skipping your daily cocktail of vitamins and probiotics. You haven’t been as good about preparing your regimen every week, so instead each morning you have been taking your supplements right out of the bottle rather than your usual pill box. 

You suddenly realize you skipped yesterday – panic sets in. You don’t want to skip another day, but you don’t really have the time to take each pill out. You are kicking yourself for being lazy about refilling your pill box. 

If this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from pill fatigue. It’s a common phenomenon that many people who take chronic medication suffer from. They begin taking their treatment inconsistently, stopping in some cases, resulting in flare-ups. It can also easily happen to people who are taking supplements in pill or capsule form.

Pill Fatigue Explained

Let’s face it, taking medication and supplements can get boring. They don’t always taste great, and in most cases, you don’t feel an immediate effect. Sometimes it takes a while for vitamins or supplements to start working correctly, like probiotics, for example. It takes a few weeks for them to have an effect, and the same happens when you stop taking them. You don’t notice the downsides right away.

This often ends up becoming a vicious cycle. People stop taking their medicine, only to start again when the condition it was managing rears its ugly head. Our brains don’t always connect the pill to the positive effect. The pill itself does not stimulate our senses in any appreciable way. They all look more or less the same, even. 

Luckily we live in an age where people think about these things. There are people out there who are incredibly committed to taking their supplements, and they have come up with some creative solutions to the problem. 

Pill Alternatives

Make pill-taking fun again by adding some alternative methods of taking your vitamins to your capsule-taking routine. It will help to remind yourself to take your supplements as well as shaking up your daily grind.


Approved Science® ACV Gummies Bottle

They’re not just for kids anymore! Not only do they look delicious, but many contain nutrients your body needs. Initially geared exclusively towards stubborn children who refused to take their vitamins, they work just as well for adults who can’t stomach another pill. 

Gummies engage the senses, and even if they don’t taste like actual candy, they have a texture and flavor that is just not present when swallowing a pill. Taking your vitamins is suddenly fun again! The bright colors and shapes also provide a visual and tactile stimulus and experimenting with different flavors also helps keep the routine feel fresh.


Prefer to drink your supplements? Liquid droplets are a nice alternative. More and more liquid options are available for adults and are a great alternative to pills, especially when they come in great flavors.

It’s so easy to get your greens with Approved Science® Liquid Chlorophyll by combining droplets into your favorite smoothie or water. If you struggle with swallowing capsules or are not a fan of the texture of vitamin gummies, droplets are a genius alternative.


Approved Science® Collagen Bottle

Certain products, like collagen, are available in powder form. Mixing a powder into your favorite drink definitely makes collagen more palatable. You can experiment, and try to mix your powder into a smoothie or your morning coffee. With the right kitchen gadgets, the options are almost endless!

Pill Fatigue: The Struggle Is Real

Don’t let pill fatigue get in the way of your health. When there is no pill alternative to your treatment, there are different methods you can try to help keep you on track. For an example, set an alarm to take your pills at the same time every day. Before you know it, this will become so habitual that pill fatigue will be a thing of the past. Another idea is to make yourself accountable to a friend or family member. Again, this will help establish a daily routine so that it will become a habit like brushing your teeth.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, remind yourself why you are taking pills in the first place. When your motivation is knowing that you can reach your optimal health, you will be inspired enough to rise above pill fatigue for good!

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