How To Mix Collagen Powder Without Clumping

Collagen may have a variety of health benefits but it doesn’t taste all that great. Trying to gulp down clumpy, undissolved collagen makes the experience that much worse. If you are frustrated by the experience of trying to mix collagen without it becoming a lumpy mess, you are not alone.

Collagen comes in a powder form and your best bet to mix it without clumping is to mix it with small amounts of warm water. Trying to mix it with liquids other than water to mask the taste is another reason it might clump. A low-quality collagen powder often contains fillers like maltodextrin that can lead to excessive clumpiness.

Read on for advice on how to dissolve your collagen more effectively without the nasty clumping that catches in your throat, and how to find a high-quality supplement using marine collagen, in case you have picked up a dud.

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Try Adding Liquid Slowly

Mixing powdery supplements of any kind with liquid too quickly is a surefire way to get a gross, lumpy, and unpalatable mess. Your best bet is to measure out your collagen and then add a small amount of water and mix to create a paste, gradually adding more to thin it out.

Using warm water may help the collagen dissolve, but be warned – hot water is not a great option for mixing collagen, in fact, it destroys the large molecules breaking them down into gelatin (1). 

Another option is to use a shaker or blender when mixing up your collagen. Shakers are convenient and easy to use on the go, while a blender will stir things up mechanically at a high RPM ensuring a more effective mix.

If you’re using a blender it is still a good idea to go slow. Add small amounts of cold or warm water and pulse the blender for best results.

Mix With Water First Before Adding Other Liquids

Collagen is not the best tasting supplement and it is only natural that you will want to try to mix it with liquids other than water to try to mask the unpleasantness, but it will not dissolve as readily in beverages other than water.

If you are adding other liquids to your collagen and having difficulty breaking up the lumps try to make a paste as described above with water first, then gradually add your fruit juice or other fluids while stirring thoroughly.

Mix Your Collagen For A Little Longer

Perhaps you are struggling to mix up your collagen too quickly and not giving it enough time to dissolve thoroughly. The molecules are fairly large so it sometimes takes a little longer than with other supplements like whey proteins.

One way around this is to exercise some patience. You can pop your collagen into a shaker, create a paste as described above, add some more liquid and then shake it up over time.

 For example, you can mix up your collagen before you make your breakfast, but don’t take it right away. Give it a few shakes as you go about your morning routine rather than trying to drink it right away.

Low-Quality Supplements Contain Fillers

As mentioned before, an inferior collagen supplement may contain fillers that make them more likely to clump. Often, you will also have this problem with flavored collagen supplements so it is best to avoid them even if they offer a slightly more tolerable flavor.

Collagen is not tested by the FDA, so be wary of options that don’t offer some kind of independent test results on their product. This is why it’s so important that Approved Science® uses third-party testing and manufacturers all of their products in an FDA-approved laboratory.

A telltale sign that you have picked up a lemon of a collagen supplement is a long list of ingredients. As far as collagen goes, simpler is better. In fact, your supplement should mainly contain hydrolyzed collagen (also known as collagen hydrolysate). This is collagen that has been processed for easier absorption.

Try An Alternative 

If you are having trouble getting your collagen smooth enough that it doesn’t catch in your throat, there are other ways of taking the supplement. Experimentation might help you find a way to enjoy the health benefits of collagen without chugging it down each morning. 

Collagen can be found in capsule or pill form providing a convenient and portable means of taking it. The drawback is that it may not be absorbed by your body as readily and, of course, it’s not as fun to take.

You can also try adding it to food. A fruit-flavored yogurt is a good option, as are smoothies. Some people recommend adding it to scrambled eggs, but as previously mentioned heating collagen to temperatures of 70°C (160°F) will cause it to break down into gelatin (2).

Approved Science® Collagen Powder: How To Mix Collagen Powder Without Clumping

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