Approved Science® Collagen Pills Review

In order to understand Approved Science® Collagen Pills, we first need a basic understanding of what collagen is. Collagen is a protein that supports the structure of connective tissues throughout the body. Simply put, collagen is the glue that holds much of our body together. It is made of three polypeptide chains, or three complex strings of atoms that wrap around each other. There are several different types of collagen as well as types of collagen powder, that occur within the bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, and eyes, as well as the hair, skin, and nails. Though the number of collagen types is disputed, it is undisputed that the most abundant collagen types in the body are in the forms of Types I, II, and III.

  • Type I makes up nearly 90% of collagen in the human body. It’s the supportive scaffolding of the teeth, muscles, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, and skin.
  • Type II has a lower density than Type I which makes it suitable for its role in the flexible cartilage between joints. 
  • Type III is present in many of the same places as Type I but in smaller quantities.

Now that we have a basis for talking about collagen, we can delve into what Approved Science® Collagen Pills are.

Approved Science Collagen Review

What Are Approved Science® Collagen Pills?

Approved Science® Collagen Pills are high absorption capsules that take a multi-faceted approach to boosting collagen throughout the body. While many other companies will try to sell collagen alone, Approved Science® recognizes that there is more to making effective collagen pills than collagen alone.

Approved Science Collagen Pills review

How Do Approved Science® Collagen Pills Work?

The way a pill works depends on what is inside the pill. We will start our analysis with the collagen ingredient since it has the most direct impact on your collagen levels. After that, we will examine the supporting ingredients and the studies behind them.

Marine Collagen

Approved Science®’s collagen is marine collagen that is derived from wild Alaskan pollock. There are three reasons you should care about the collagen source.

One: Marine collagen is 1.5 times more bioavailable than other collagens (1). Due to its smaller molecular size and weight, it easily absorbs into the intestinal barrier and the blood. This means your body is actually able to take in this collagen and use it where you need it.

Two: Mercury is a toxic metal that can sneak into our diets through certain foods, like fish, and can cause poisoning. Wild fish caught from the Alaskan region carry fewer traces of mercury than fish from farms or other regions.

Three: Marine collagen is sustainable. It is extracted from the parts of marine animals which would normally go to waste. Additionally, sourcing collagen from wild fish releases fewer greenhouse gasses than sourcing it from farmed animals.

Benefits of marine collagen

The marine collagen in Approved Science® Collagen Pills is made of hydrolyzed peptides. What this means is that the complex atomic chains that make up the collagen are broken down into smaller components so that the body can absorb them quickly and efficiently. Once the body absorbs these peptides, it is able to reconstruct the collagen where it needs it.

Vitamin C

You probably already know that Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Chances are someone has told you to eat an apple or an orange to keep you healthy and prevent you from getting sick. But, if you think Vitamin C is only for your immune system then you’ve been misled. This water-soluble vitamin is involved in the synthesis of several neurotransmitters, L-carnitine, and collagen (2). Essentially, Vitamin C is one of the raw materials that the body uses to build. The enzymes that make collagen need Vitamin C and therefore collagen production needs Vitamin C. Approved Science® Collagen Pills provides Vitamin C to support this function.


Sodium ions are an essential element in modulating the body’s natural process of collagen production inside the fibroblasts (3). In other words, the cells that create collagen inside connective tissues are more productive when they receive sodium. This ingredient demonstrates the multi-functional approach of Approved Science® Collagen Pills; not only does it supply collagen, it also assists the body’s collagen production.


BioPerine® is a patented form of piperine, which is a black pepper extract. It is used as a bioavailability enhancer. This means that it increases the body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients. Adding BioPerine® to this formula helps your body to get the most out of these collagen pills.

The Benefits Of Approved Science® Collagen Pills

“Collagen” is a term that people throw around when discussing skin and beauty care but the benefits of collagen go deeper than the skin. Collagen is a type of protein that makes up connective tissues throughout the whole body. When collagen levels degrade, the tissues they support break down and may even cause pain. You can see or feel the effects of collagen in the joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones, as well as the hair, skin, and nails.

The benefits of collagen pills

Collagen may support the digestive tract, due to its amino acid content. The proteins in collagen are also part of the connective tissue in the gastrointestinal lining. Some even believe that collagen could be a key factor in preventing “leaky gut”.

Do Approved Science® Collagen Pills Really Work?

Approved Science® Collagen Pills are formulated according to the high standards of Approved Science®. In addition to having a science based formula, Collagen Pills are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Each ingredient is tested for purity and safety. When it comes to Approved Science®, what you see is what you get. The pills actually do contain what the label says they will and as we discussed above, these ingredients are backed by science. Approved Science® Collagen Pills are designed to quickly and effectively boost your collagen supply.

While the science is already convincing, you probably want to see how the theory plays out in action. The good news is that the reviews demonstrate that Approved Science® Collagen Pills do really work. Below are snippets of some of the reviews we came across. You can read the full reviews and more here.

review of Approved Science Collagen

“My wife and I have tried many collagen supplements over the years and these are by far the best pills we used. We’ve both noticed major improvement in the tightness and elasticity of our skin and our hair is growing incredibly fast. . .” – Joseph C.

“. . .I made a decision to try Approved Science Collagen Pills for one month to give it a real chance to work. The results speak for themselves. My hair looks strong and has a youthful sheen to it. I also noticed my nails aren’t breaking as often and my skin looks fresher and smoother. . .” – Kathryn R.

Approved Science collagen pills reviews
Approved Science collagen pills review

“. . . Also, with the bovine collagen I didn’t notice any difference with my joints, however, with the marine collagen, I don’t get as creaky when I run or stretch. This is a total winner!” – Nicole A.

Who Should Take Collagen Pills?

Collagen production decreases with age which can result in a collagen deficiency. There’s some debate regarding which age is the turning point and when you consider genetic and environmental factors, it could be different for everyone. Collagen levels usually peak between ages 25-34 and then begin to decline (4). However, you don’t need to wait until your collagen starts to drop and wrinkles set it. You can begin taking collagen at any age since it is essentially a source of protein that the body will use as it needs. Supplementing with collagen is an effective way to delay some of the symptoms of aging.

Should Men Take Collagen Pills Too?

Yes, collagen pills are beneficial for both men and women. It may seem like women are the primary market for collagen products but collagen is just as essential for men as it is for women. Many men think that collagen pills aren’t for them, but the truth is that this belief stems from the delayed onset of physical symptoms of collagen loss. Men have a higher density of collagen than women and though they can start to produce less collagen starting at around age 20, the decline is gradual and less perceptible (5).

Where To Buy Approved Science® Collagen Pills?

You can purchase Collagen Pills online via the Approved Science® website or Amazon storefront. Want to save money? Click the banner below for a 10% discount!

Approved Science Collagen Review

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Collagen Pills?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long it will take for you to see the results of taking collagen pills. As with any supplement, the results will depend on your current state of health. If your collagen levels are very low, it will take longer for you to experience results than if your collagen levels are higher. That said, one study observed increased skin hydration after only 6 weeks and wrinkle reduction at 12 weeks (6). Another study found that taking 2.5 to 5 grams daily of collagen peptides can improve skin hydration and elasticity in as little as 8 weeks (7).

When it comes to restoring your health, it’s not an overnight process. You’ll need be patient while Approved Science® Collagen Pills build, scaffold, and repair your connective tissues. You can rest assured knowing that Approved Science® is so confident that their Collagen Pills will deliver results that they back the product with a full money-back guarantee. Remember, just because you can’t see the internal changes doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

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