What Is BioPerine® And What Can It Do For Your Body?

If you take supplements daily, are a natural health and wellbeing enthusiast, or simply wish to start supplementing your diet, you may have stumbled upon the ingredient BioPerine® in product formulas before. The ingredient, though not present in every formula, is becoming more popular for its proposed health benefits. As such, companies that produce high-quality product formulas are spotlighting the use of BioPerine® in their supplements with the hope of appealing to the modern health-conscious consumer. But, is BioPerine® all that great, and can it live up to claims that it supports overall wellbeing? In this article, we will outline what BioPerine® is and how it compares to traditional Piperine, outline the benefits of BioPerine®, and provide detailed information on the consumption of this ingredient. By the end of this article, you will be equipped with everything you need to know about this nutrient-boosting ingredient in order to make more informed decisions about the supplements you choose to buy.

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What is BioPerine®?

BioPerine® is the name of a patented black pepper extract manufactured by the company of the same name (1). The ingredient is used in various supplement formulas, from Turmeric to Keto Pills and other health-supporting products. The extract is standardized according to strict quality-control tests and is yielded from the dry fruits of black pepper. As such, BioPerine® is a natural substance that contains a minimum of 95% Piperine.

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BioPerine® has undergone clinical studies to assess its ability to enhance the bioavailability of other nutrients consumed through food or supplementation. Recently, studies have shown that the use of BioPerine® with Turmeric Curcumin supported the absorption of Curcumin nutrients in the body by 2,000% (2)! This suggests a strong link between the inclusion of BioPerine® in supplement formulas or nutritional diets and the improved bioavailability of nutrients consumed through those supplements or diets. 

Though these studies are more recent, BioPerine® has been used in one form or another for over two decades, and it is also the only extract of black pepper that has undergone extensive clinical tests in the US and other countries to support its safe and efficacious use as an ingredient in supplement formulas.

Traditional Uses of BioPerine®

What is BioPerine?

Black pepper is a spice that has been around for ages, used in cultures across the globe for centuries. Typically used as a flavor enhancer, black pepper can be found cracked onto almost every dish or thrown over food in powder form. Its pungent aroma and thermogenic activity activate the flavors in cuisine and elevate an individual’s dining experience. This is true now but has also been the case in ancient civilizations. 

Beyond the consumption of black pepper with food, it has also been used in traditional healing practices and has featured as an adjuvant to support knee pain, stomach discomfort, mood-enhancing, weight management, and more. Piperine, the substance in black pepper now said to be responsible for these benefits, is seen as a food supplement as opposed to a spice. Its prominence today is a direct result of the clinical studies proposing the benefits of black pepper (3). Alas, these studies would not have been considered if texts didn’t showcase the use of black pepper in traditional medicine ages ago.

While Piperine is the key to these ayurvedic healing properties, it is the patented BioPerine® formula that is said to provide the best source of the substance. But, are the benefits as bold as the claims about BioPerine®?

The Benefits of BioPerine®

BioPerine® is becoming a go-to ingredient in supplement formulas for its proposed benefits. While the assumptions of these benefits have since stemmed from ayurvedic texts and documents, clinical trials are now shining a light on the potential of BioPerine® to support both nutrient absorption and overall well-being. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits and science-backed results of consuming supplements with BioPerine®:

Nutrient Absorption

The most talked-about benefit of BioPerine® is its ability to support nutrient absorption. This essentially means that the consumption of BioPerine® will assist your body in receiving the benefits of other nutrients that you consume. When coupling BioPerine® with other beneficial ingredients as well as practicing healthy behaviors such as managing one’s anxiety, individuals can acquire multiple benefits and health aid. The importance of superior nutrient absorption is linked to the fact that ingredients like Turmeric Curcumin only release a small number of beneficial nutrients into the body when consumed through food. Supplements that contain BioPerine® assist this process as well as supply additional vitamins to the body.

Better Metabolism

The way that BioPerine® works to support nutrient absorption in the body is its ability to increase one’s metabolism through thermogenesis (4). The thermogenesis process is responsible for breaking down fat cells in the body and raising your internal temperature. For this reason, BioPerine® is no longer simply a nutrient bioavailability enhancer but a potential fat burner as well. While studies do not entirely support this notion, all the signs point towards BioPerine® assisting in the body’s ability to burn fat. Coupling fat-burning supplements that include BioPerine® with exercise and a healthy diet should yield quicker weight loss results than if one was to do one thing or the other.

Improved Dopamine and Serotonin

BioPerine and healthy cognitive function.

Dopamine and serotonin levels are responsible for maintaining energy in individuals, relieving feelings of stress, and supporting healthy cognitive function. Ensuring that your levels are balanced is critical to living a healthy lifestyle. Alas, so much of our time is consumed by social media, television, and other things that cause imbalances in these levels. As such, individuals may turn to BioPerine® for its mood-boosting properties. BioPerine® works alongside these chemicals, raising their levels in the body. This may result in BioPerine® acting as a mood-enhancer when paired with other mood-boosting formulas. 

Supported Memory

BioPerine® may be responsible for the improvement of neurotransmissions of certain chemicals in the body, such as dopamine and serotonin. Another important chemical that may be impacted by the absorption of BioPerine® is beta-endorphin. Both serotonin and beta-endorphin play crucial roles in one’s cognitive function particularly in relation to memory. BioPerine®’s ability to increase the presence of these chemicals in the body could serve a role in improving your overall memory.

Improved Immune System

Immune systems are tricky things as they may be prone to malfunctioning and overreactions when the body faces threats. In order to keep the immune system under control and in healthy shape, it is important that the body is capable of regulating sensitive reactivity to threats. In studies conducted in 2010, BioPerine® was shown to offer just this kind of support. BioPerine® is proposed to be responsible for slowing the reaction time of lymphocytes, prevent and reduce inflammation, and weaken certain harmful immune responses (5). 

Increased Cognitive Function 

BioPerine® may support your memory, as well as several other important cognitive functions. BioPerine®’s ability to impact and raise chemical levels in the body may be responsible for improving an individual’s attention and reasoning skills, as well as overall feelings of inspiration and motivation. BioPerine® could be a direct component in supporting overall productivity and mental functioning through its biochemical impact and nutrient absorbing properties. The nutrient may also provide stress-relieving qualities as well as helping individuals focus. 

Approved Science CoQ10 MD: CoQ10 with BioPerine.

There is a fine line between fact and fiction in the case of BioPerine® as more clinical studies need to be conducted in order to determine the extent of its proposed benefits. Alas, research currently conducted cannot be ignored and certain benefits are clearly applicable to the consumption of BioPerine® through quality supplement formulas.

It is important to remember, however, that consuming BioPerine® alone will not deliver exceptional results. Look for it in CoQ10 MD™ and Turmeric MD™ to assist the absorption of critical substances and minerals. It also works fantastically alongside a healthy and balanced diet. This may come in the form of balanced keto meal plans that do not include extensive quantities of carbohydrates as well as regular exercise to promote proper body function. 

Although BioPerine® may offer all these fascinating benefits, can traditional Piperine do the same job? 

BioPerine® vs Piperine

What is BioPerine? Everything You Need to Know About the Nutrient Enhancing Ingredient.

The common misconception is that the more nutrients you consume, the more your body is able to process those nutrients, which will support your health and wellbeing. However, this is not always true as nutrients require time and carefully curated formulas to actively be absorbed and used by the body. In many instances, nutrients consumed with supplements will pass through the body to no effect or may only be delivered in small quantities as they are quickly digested through the body. Therefore, smaller, more potent doses are generally easier for the body to handle. With BioPerine®, doses are regulated and specifically formulated to have an impact on the body. This is not the same case for Piperine consumption which is usually through black pepper. There is no real way of regulating this, and the more black pepper you consume the harder it is for your body to absorb the beneficial nutrients.

BioPerine®, if consumed in the right quantities and according to dosage guidelines outlined on supplements, should show superior results to its Piperine counterpart as it provides an accurate amount of the beneficial nutrients capable of being absorbed. Furthermore, BioPerine® purified extract of the Piperine substance allows for efficient delivery of nutrients in supplements. Pairing a top-tier keto supplement like Approved Science® Keto, which contains optimal doses of BioPerine® is arguably better than receiving Piperine through only natural sources. 

Natural or Formula Use of BioPerine®?

As we have already mentioned, there is a big difference in the efficacy of BioPerine® and Piperine. While BioPerine®, the clinically extracted version, supports nutrient absorption and offers several additional health benefits, Piperine on the other hand is not easily available to the body through natural consumption such as a sprinkling of pepper. 

While there are plenty of positive natural substitutes for refined or clinically altered products, BioPerine® is a case where the patented and tested extract serves better results than its traditional black pepper counterpart. Consuming Piperine this way will not give you a potent enough dose. You will end up consuming more and more black pepper without receiving the benefits of Piperine as the quantity taken in by the body is negligible. 

For these reasons, it is best practice to seek out supplements by Approved Science® that include BioPerine® in their formulas. For one thing, you will receive the benefits of consuming BioPerine® and for the other, you will enhance your wellbeing through the efficient and effective absorption of other ingredients found in the formula.

How Does BioPerine® Function In The Body?

The function of BioPerine® is directly linked to its benefits as its role in the body is responsible for the health and wellbeing support grounding the ingredient in quality supplement formulas. We have already mentioned several benefits of consuming BioPerine® and now we will outline how it functions in the body to bring about more support in the body’s reception of turmeric, digestive function, and diabetes regulation.

Supporting Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric with BioPerine.
Approved Science Turmeric MD: Turmeric with BioPerine.

The nutritional benefits of turmeric are practically null and void without the bioavailability enhancing properties of Piperine, made more effective through the consumption of clinically patented BioPerine®. Taking BioPerine® with turmeric is said to increase the tissue concentrations of turmeric nutritional derivatives tenfold, cementing BioPerine® as a key component in the provision of turmerics many argued health benefits.

Furthermore, BioPerine® may be responsible for boosting turmeric’s antioxidant bioavailability by over 2000%. Quality supplements like Turmeric MD™ by Approved Science® contain optimal doses of BioPerine® to yield positive results. 

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Boosting Digestive Function

The role of BioPerine® in boosting the body’s digestive function is a result of the substance stimulating the pancreas and boosting the production of digestive enzymes according to a study conducted in 2008 (6). These important enzymes are responsible for breaking down food effectively and efficiently. This may support the body’s nutritional uptake as well as promote weight loss. 

Reducing Diabetes Impact

BioPerine® is said to be responsible for reducing one’s risk of diabetes as well as minimizing its impact. Its role in doing so is largely attributed to its ability to support the bioavailability of other nutrients in the body. Whether consumed through food or supplements, nutrient metformin may assist in the body’s management of diabetes and this nutrient is more accessible with the aid of BioPerine®. Furthermore, A 2012 study found that “subacute administration of piperine has statistically significant antihyperglycemic activity,” suggesting that small daily doses may support blood sugar levels (7).

How to Know if You Have a BioPerine® Deficiency

While BioPerine® is a high-quality ingredient clinically proven to offer several benefits to the body as well as proposed to support additional benefits, the body does not naturally produce Piperine. For this reason, as well as the fact that Piperine is not considered an essential nutrient, BioPerine® deficiencies are virtually impossible. This does not mean that one should not seek ways of consuming it through food or supplements, preferably as they provide a superior form of the ingredient. Failing to include supplements that contain BioPerine® in their formulas means that you will receive little to none of the important health benefits of the ingredients in these beneficial formulas. Therefore, BioPerine® should be considered a vital health ingredient in diets or wellbeing programs that seek to yield effective results through the consumption of beneficial supplements.

How to Take BioPerine®

How to take BioPerine.

BioPerine® is only available through the consumption of supplements that contain this beneficial ingredient. Unfortunately, Piperine consumed through black pepper does not offer the same results and it is always advisable to rather seek the quality clinically proven patented alternative. This comes as an additional component in productive formulas, meaning you will pay slightly more for the best products but secure the benefits of a potent and proven BioPerine® formula. For this reason, it is important and beneficial to purchase the best formula on the market as it will offer the most efficacious results. 

It is possible that an ideal natural Piperine form is produced in the future, however, for now, BioPerine® stands as the most effective method of receiving its bioavailability enhancing benefits among other significant health improvements. Typically, BioPerine® dosage guidelines are a matter of the supplement you are taking.

Digesting BioPerine® And How Long It Lasts

What is BioPerine and how long do the effects last?

BioPerine® is designed to enhance nutrient uptake and increase the rate at which substances are bioavailable within the body. For this reason, the BioPerine® itself should be rapidly digested in one’s digestive lining from the minute it is consumed. This is not true for all products that contain BioPerine®, as only the best products on the market utilize the most effective formula combinations for maximum results. However, BioPerine® should rapidly work within the body after consumption and offer its nutrient absorbing benefits.

While BioPerine® does not stay in the body for long periods of time, its ability to support rapid nutrient uptake means that it does not need to. Every time you consume a supplement with BioPerine®, the dose should effectively distribute the necessary ingredients within the formula to the appropriate parts of the body. This quick-acting effect should yield improved health and wellbeing in a shorter space of time.

Can You Overdose And Are there Any Dietary Restrictions?

It would be incredibly rare to overdose on Piperine as one should not be able to consume enough black pepper in a short enough amount of time to do so. Furthermore, the likeliness of the Piperine ingredient causing a harmful reaction is very slim. BioPerine® is also not a substance that you could experience an overdose from. Because BioPerine® is included in product formulas, the accurate dosage is applicable and consumed through the intake of supplements. The doses are small but potent and do not possess the quantities that could be considered harmful. If you are ever in any concern that you may have experienced a BioPerine® overdose then contact professional health experts immediately. 

Another benefit of BioPerine® that showcases its ability to provide beneficial results and minimal negative effects is the fact that it does not include any dietary restrictions. BioPerine® can be consumed with any diet and is 100% vegan, making it a viable additional nutritional support-boosting ingredient to consider in a supplement’s formula.

Are There Any Notable Side Effects?

When considering the safety of BioPerine®, you should note that severe side effects are extremely rare. BioPerine® is generally an incredibly safe ingredient that can be found accurately dosed in quality supplements on the market. In almost all cases, BioPerine® supports nutritional absorption and does not include any common or infrequent side effects.

However, as well all supplement ingredients, it would be wise to be aware of the extremely rare side effects in order to monitor your individual reaction to the ingredient and specifically formulated supplements that include potent doses of BioPerine®. According to experts, the following rare side effects may be a result of excessive oral BioPerine® consumption (8):

  • Bronchospasm
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Confusion
  • Over excitement
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Impaired taste
  • Decreased appetite
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Malaise
  • Irritability
Approved Science BioPerine®

In Conclusion

With more and more scientific studies suggesting the addition of BioPerine® in supplement formulas has several beneficial effects, consumers who wish to source quality formulas may have more confidence in their product choices. Compared to traditional Piperine, BioPerine® proves to offer superior results as well as poses minimal side effects and potential health risks. You can buy Approved Science® formulas with BioPerine® for faster and better results!

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