Spice Up Your Sex Life With Forskolin

You may have passed by Forskolin in Walmart without realizing what a miraculous plant it is. But is it really so miraculous that it can spice up your sex life? The short answer is, yes it can! The longer answer requires more explanation as to what sort of Forskolin you want to buy (hint: our brand is more potent than what you can buy in Walmart) and how it can actually help dial up the heat in the bedroom. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

What is Forskolin?  

Forskolin is a compound found in the roots of Coleus forskohlii, a tropical plant from the mint family. It’s been an Ayurvedic remedy for years to treat all different types of ailments and has become increasingly popular as more and more people are becoming aware of its potency. 

What Should You Look For in a Forskolin Supplement?

Based on clinical studies, in order to get the full health benefits from Forskolin, you need the following:

  • Coleus forskohlii standardized to 20%
  • Potent 500mg daily serving
  • Extracted from the root
  • No fillers
  • Not tested on animals
  • Independent quality monitoring
  • GMP certified

All of which are found in ForskolinMD™.

Most people aren’t aware of what they are reading when they scan Forskolin labels in Walmart and other stores.

Many supplements are standardized to contain only 10%, don’t contain a potent 500mg daily serving and aren’t extracted from the root, which studies have shown to be the most effective. Additionally, some capsules are stuffed with fillers or extra ingredients that get in the way of Forskolin’s potency.

Furthermore, many manufacturers don’t take the extra step of paying for independent quality monitoring. For some, ensuring that there is a vegetarian capsule or prevents animal cruelty is not a priority.

Finally, most labs that produce dietary supplements don’t strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices, which means that not only are you not getting an effective supplement but that your safety may be compromised.

So, once you get your hands on Forskolin MD™, can it really make a difference in the bedroom? Read on to learn how Forskolin has been used for centuries and if you should be using Forskolin for your sex life.

1. Stimulates Weight Loss

Can Forskolin really help your sex life?

Not all skinny people have amazing sex lives. However, people who think they have banging bodies usually do. A major hangup most Americans have is their weight. This may have something to do with the fact that, according to the most recent data, adult obesity rates across the United States are rising, with over 40% of Americans categorized as obese. Not only is obesity dangerous for your health because it increases the chances of heart attacks and diabetes, but there is a real stigma against being overweight. 

Being prejudiced against people who are overweight is that last acceptable bias with people reporting a major stigma when they try and conduct their daily activities. Little things like trying to sit on an airplane seat that’s too small or having to shop in specialty shops instead of regular shopping chains, make people feel like second class citizens. Even if they themselves believe they are beautiful, it’s a message which is constantly being sent from the media and celebrities that the ideal body type is the same for everyone. While obviously ridiculous and unattainable for people who are not naturally models, many people walk around feeling ashamed of their bodies. This is apparent by the shapewear industry that has taken off and is predicted to continue 1its ascent (1). Shapewear is fantastic for smoothing out lines under clothing and giving people the confidence they need to feel put together, but that won’t help in the bedroom when everything comes off.

Changing how you view your body can lead to mind-blowing orgasms you never dreamed possible.

Indeed, sex therapist Lucy Jones says, “How you feel about yourself and your body will influence how fulfilling your sex life will be. Many people think changing sexual positions or being a size zero is the key to hot sex but really what’s holding them back is completely in their mind”.

While this is all well and good, changing the way we view our bodies is not as simple as flicking a switch. The optimal path is to take care of yourself mentally in order to love your body just as it is. Like all important journeys, that may take awhile. For more immediate ways to spice up your sex life, there is Forskolin.

What Does Forskolin Do?

As you lose fat and become leaner with the aid of Forskolin, you gain confidence, not only from your appearance but from the control you have over your body. Once you make a decision to override the body genetics has chosen for you, you gain the confidence to make different decisions as they relate to your sex life. This can be from who you chose as a partner to experimenting sexually. Anything you were previously too shy or uncomfortable to do, can be a real option when you view yourself in a new way.

The Weight Loss Science Behind Forskolin

Forskolin has been studied with regards to fat metabolism. The way normal metabolism works, fat will only be burned when there are low reserves of glucose and glycogen. Forskolin will stimulate the release of stored fat cells allowing you the chance to burn it off (2). 

In one randomized study, Forskolin was given to 15 men twice a day for 12 weeks (3). A separate group of 15 men were given a placebo. The groups were tested for decreasing body fat  percentage, fat mass, lean body mass and testosterone. The outcome was quite interesting:                                    

There was a decrease in body fat percentage and fat mass in the Forskolin group. A significant increase in lean body mass in the Forskolin group. There was also a significant difference in serum free testosterone levels between the 2 groups, with the Forskolin group having a higher amount. Testosterone is worth mentioning because it stimulates fat release from cells so it decreases fat mass and increases lean body mass. 

What’s interesting to note about this study is that the dosage that was given was 250mg twice a day of 10% Forskolin extract. For people looking to replicate these results, it is clear that 500mg per day is necessary. This is the exact dosage of Forskolin MD™. Additionally, in doing research on different Forskolin supplements, this stands out as having the correct potency as well as being standardized to 20% Forskolin extract for optimal results. 

2. Prevents Asthma

If you want to take your orgasms to the next level, sexologists recommend deep breathing to maximize the blood flow to the genital regions. Even non-asthmatics unintentionally sabotage the quality of their orgasms by naturally holding their breath during a pivotal moment. Sex educators stress that you should start deep breathing even before an orgasm starts and this is the key for longer and stronger orgasms.

For people suffering from asthma there is an additional risk of their asthma being triggered by sex, the same way it can be triggered by any intense exercise. Furthermore, sometimes just the worry of having an asthma attack is enough to cause shallow breathing and bring on an actual attack. 

What Does Forskolin Do?

When you take Forskolin, your breathing becomes easier which takes off any stress or anxiety about potential asthma attacks. Not only can you focus on the sex act, but you can actually concentrate on deep breathing. It may seem simple but it can definitely spice up your sex life. If you’ve never been able to do this before, you won’t even believe how intense your orgasms can be!

The Science Behind Forskolin

Forskolin has been shown to help improve asthma symptoms. One single-blind study done on 40 children and adults with different severities of asthma found that Forskolin helped widen airways which resulted in fewer asthma attacks.  

3. Increases Bone Density

As we age, our bones get thinner and weaker. Women especially are at risk for osteoporosis. One area which is specifically vulnerable for fragile bones is the pelvic region where the hip bones are located. Rigorous or even regular sex can put bones in a precarious situation where they can easily be broken. 

All this results in a hesitancy to try adventurous sex positions and a definite sense of being inhibited between the sheets for fear that sex will cause real bone damage. Some couples start to avoid sex entirely. 

What Does Forskolin Do?

Forskolin strengthens bone density and increases bone mass. Not only will stronger and denser bones prevent bone fractures, but they will give you the support you need to spice up your sex life well into your golden years.

The Science Behind Forskolin

Forskolin works by activating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, which in turn, increases the amount of cAMP. cAMP is a very important second messenger in the body, which means that it communicates information and actions between cells. Practically, this means that cAMP carries out much of the work of hormones throughout your body. Because of this Forskolin has been shown to increase bone mass which will lower the chances of someone developing osteoporosis.

Our Take-Away to Spice up Your Sex Life

It’s a common misconception that big changes will spice up your sex life. Taking ForskolinMD™ helps with small changes that can bring you to a new level of enjoyment between the sheets.

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