7 Incredible Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion in the health and wellness industry for its ability to support one’s overall wellbeing naturally. Chlorophyll, typically found in plants, is responsible for keeping plant life green and healthy and today, researchers and scientists are proposing its potential health benefits for the human body as well. While studies are mostly in preliminary phases, there is a growing case for the use of chlorophyll as a health supplement and early research suggests its ability to promote and support overall wellbeing. 

Here is everything you need to know about this little gift from nature and how it may benefit you based on the growing science behind it. 

What is Chlorophyll?

The benefits of Approved Science® Liquid Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found naturally in plants and algae that contains a variety of essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that are typically beneficial to the body (1). While you can get chlorophyll from consuming plants, it may not survive digestion and therefore won’t be able to be absorbed into your body. That’s why most people use supplements. Approved Science® Liquid Chlorophyll contains ChloroAbsorb™ for this exact purpose. The unique blend of Mulberry-derived Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin combined with Ginger optimizes the body’s ability to utilize Chlorophyll for maximum health benefits. You can read more about this specialized formulation here.

7 Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

While research is in its early stages and more holistic evidence is needed to make a decisive conclusion regarding the health benefits of chlorophyll, the studies are showing its potential in supporting overall wellbeing and the results cannot be ignored.

1. Prevents Skin Damage

Studies have highlighted chlorophyll’s ability to fight skin damage and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines (2). In these studies, scientists assessed the potential of chlorophyll in reducing signs of photoaging as a result of frequent exposure to the sun. The results found that subjects that applied a topical chlorophyll solution on their skin before experiencing exposure to the sun showed less evidence of visible photoaging. In addition to that, results showcased that chlorophyll also had a similar effect on the skin as tretinoin – a medically prescribed cream used to combat signs of aging. Researchers argue that the combination of a chlorophyll supplement and tretinoin cream may even reverse the signs of aging typically associated with sun exposure.

2. Helps Heal Wounds

While evidence suggests that applying chlorophyll topically may reduce the dreaded signs of aging on the skin, another interesting benefit you may experience from this green goodness is that it could assist in healing other parts of the body when injured. Minor wounds such as scrapes and cuts could heal faster with the topical application of a natural chlorophyll ointment. This hypothesis goes back as far as 1940 with studies determining the pigment’s ability to fight infections and increase the rate of healing of surgical wounds (3). Today, further studies support this notion with certain medications including chlorophyll being prescribed by doctors who are confident in its ability to support wound healing (4). 

3. Supports Blood Health

Hemoglobin is a protein found naturally in the body that is responsible for the process of oxygen transportation around the body in the red blood cells. Years of research have revealed that chlorophyll acts similarly to hemoglobin and scientists have stated that the consumption of food products high in chlorophyll may support hemoglobin deficiencies that negatively affect blood health, with anemia and thalassemia being target health conditions in these cases (5). 

4. Reduces Prominence of Acne

Should you take Approved Science® Liquid Chlorophyll?

Beyond reducing signs of skin aging, chlorophyll has shown its ability to prevent acne outbreaks and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Studies found that when using chlorophyll the subjects experienced reduced signs of acne such as red blemishes and large, visible pores (6). Other studies have considered the combination of chlorophyll gel and phototherapy to reduce acne and found that subjects using the combination saw improved acne-fighting results than those exposed to phototherapy only (7). 

5. Fights Odors

Chlorophyll has been subject to discussions regarding its potential as a deodorant for many years, and studies as far back as 1960 revealed that chlorophyll reduced the prominence of odors experienced by individuals who have had a colostomy (8). There were counter studies conducted thereafter that aimed at showcasing its inability to fight odors, however, these were quickly overruled by further research supporting its ability to do so as well as justifying its inclusion in popular deodorant and mouthwash products.

6. May Have a Role in Preventing Cancer

While a bold, sweeping statement, there is growing evidence every day that chlorophyll may help prevent cancer or work to fight common precursors to various cancers in the body. There are three significant studies done in order to support the use of chlorophyll in combating cancer and these are outlined below:

  • Studies conducted in 2015 suggested that the consumption of chlorophyll may help prevent cancer or reduce the rate at which cancers grow (9).
  • In 2005, a study showed that the consumption of chlorophyll reduced the risk of colon cancer among these subjects in comparison to subjects with diets excluding chlorophyll (10).
  • A recent study in 2016 found that the use of chlorophyll in mice resulted in a slower progression of lung cancer (11).

7. Promotes Weight Loss

Another popular, research-backed benefit of chlorophyll is its ability to support weight loss. In 2014, a study found that women who consumed a chlorophyll weight loss supplement experienced greater weight loss results than those who did not.

Should You Take Liquid Chlorophyll?

Whether you are looking into taking supplemental chlorophyll or looking to use it as an ointment or gel, there is strong and ever growing research to back up the science behind the health benefits of chlorophyll, including weight loss and improved skin health. While these studies are not conclusive in every regard, they do support many chlorophyll prescriptions and the marketing of chlorophyll supplements in the health and wellness industry. 

It is important to remember that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your health and you cannot completely rely on chlorophyll to experience these health benefits. In most cases, individuals should consider taking chlorophyll alongside an additional health supplement (with the advice of a medical professional) to meet your overall health goals. 

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