Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature Reviews: Choosing The Right Brand Matters

When it comes to health supplements, it’s not just about selecting the right type of product, you also need to pick the right brand if you want a safe product that can deliver results. In this comparison, we turn our attention to two notable players—Approved Science® and Balance of Nature. While both are nutraceutical companies, their approaches, reputations, and customer reviews show that these two brands are not created equal. Approved Science® is a science-driven brand that prioritizes safety and effectiveness while Balance of Nature seems to prioritize sales. Join us as we explore the differences between Approved Science® VS Balance of Nature, including their backgrounds, reputations, and customer reviews.

About The Brand: Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature

Approved Science®

Approved Science® is a nutraceutical company with a focus on effective, safe, and science-driven health supplements that truly make a difference. This brand offers a range of supplements geared towards gut health, exercise support, cognitive health, cellular energy, and more. All Approved Science® products are based on scientific research and manufactured in a top-quality, cGMP-certified, and FDA-licensed laboratory.

Balance Of Nature

Balance of Nature is a supplement brand founded by Dr. Douglas Howard and belongs to the Evig LLC corporation. The brand aims to empower individuals in regards to their health. Balance of Nature offers only 3 supplements that include a fruits blend, vegetable capsules, and a fiber and spice powder. Their manufacturing facility has been charged by the FDA for violating the good manufacturing practice (CGMP) requirements and therefore their products are considered to be adulterated dietary supplements (1). Additionally, Balance of Nature has been in legal trouble over false claims and had been ordered by the federal court to stop selling dietary supplements (1). They also paid over 1 million dollars to settle a customer protection lawsuit in the state of California due to false advertising (2). Nevertheless, the brand has resumed selling after addressing the concerns raised by the FDA (3).

Reputation: Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature

In recent years, Approved Science® has been gaining popularity due to the quality of its products and customer service. On the other hand, Balance of Nature is more well-known due to its advertising practices but its reputation has been tarnished by its false claims, uncertified manufacturing, and poor customer service. Let’s take a look at the reviews for each brand in order to gain a better understanding of the their reputations.

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a third-party review site that allows consumers to submit reviews. This site has guidelines on who is eligible to submit a review and actively fights fake reviews. Additionally, Trustpilot provides a company score that factors in elements such as the recency of reviews and whether or not the company has claimed its profile and interacts with comments to improve customer satisfaction.

Balance of Nature is considered to be an “average” company (4), while Approved Science® is rated as “great” (5). When it comes to customer service, the reviews show that Approved Science® customer service is actively trying to ensure that customers are satisfied while the Balance of Nature reviews indicate an inefficient customer service team. For example, one customer asked to cancel a Balance of Nature order but the order was shipped anyways and they had difficulty receiving a refund (4), whereas when a customer had a issue, the Approved Science® staff was quick to resolve the issue (5).

For the sake of honesty, we must admit that Approved Science® reviews on Trustpilot aren’t all 5 stars (though the majority are!). Our brand has received complaints on Trustpilot and we take each complaint seriously, always striving to resolve any issues as quickly as possible to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Additional Third-Party Reviews

Approved Science® has received stellar reviews from third-party websites such as Review Critic (6), Consumer Health Review (7), the Daily World (8) and Cherry Picks Reviews (9). For example, Review Critic was “impressed with Approved Science’s products both in terms of quality and of variety” and Consumer Health Review reported that they “feel that Approved Science is a high-quality manufacturer that goes above and beyond for its customers.”

In looking for third-party review sites about Balance of Nature, we discovered their profile on BBB (Better Business Bureau), a review site similar to Trustpilot. Balance of Nature has only a 1.2 star rating on BBB and they have received 352 complaints on BBB in the last 3 years (10). The reviews we saw there were 1 star after 1 star after 1 star. We did not find any other positive reviews of the Balance of Nature brand.

Money-Back Guarantee: Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature

The reviews on Trustpilot led to valuable insight into the auto-ship program and return policy of Balance of Nature. While it is possible to make a one-time purchase, the “add to cart” default adds a subscription to the cart, potentially leading individuals to accidentally enroll. Furthermore, while the company advertises a 30-day refund guarantee, the Balance of Nature guarantee does not apply to single bottle purchases or any purchases after your first order. This means that if a person signs up for the subscription, is unsatisfied after the first bottle, and doesn’t cancel their order before the second bottles are shipped, they will be stuck paying for the undesired bottles with no option for a refund.

You will not encounter this issue with Approved Science®. Orders from Approved Science® are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee and each order is a one-time purchase. Rather than a subscribe-and-save system that can sometimes be difficult to cancel, Approved Science® offers package deal so you can save money by planning ahead.

Where To Buy: Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature

Both products are available on from their respective manufacturer’s storefront. Additionally, both Approved Science® and Balance of Nature have official websites that allow you to purchase the products directly from the company. Balance of Nature does not have any certificates or claims about the safety of checkout when using their website. However, when you buy from Approved Science®, checkout is secure and the purchase is protected by the Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Conclusion: Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature

Between Approved Science® VS Balance Of Nature, it isn’t hard to discern which supplement brand is better. Approved Science® has a good reputation, highly recommended products, and safe checkout. Conversely, in addition to having faced legal trouble for false claims, mischarging customers, and violating the current Good Manufacturing Practices, Balance of Nature reviews show that the products aren’t worth the price. On the other hand, Approved Science® is a reputable brand that prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction, manufactures their products in a cGMP-certified laboratory that is FDA-recognized, and would be happy to help you take your health to the next level.

When it comes to choosing a supplement brand, it’s important to focus on more than just their advertising. TV commercials may have made Balance of Nature a household name, but in order to avoid being scammed, you should always ask whether a company really deserves its popularity. Balance of Nature isn’t the only supplement brand that has engaged in shady practices. For example, the popular brain-booster Prevagen has also faced legal trouble for deceptive claims. Don’t be scammed by shady supplement companies, choose Approved Science®.

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