Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?

Natural products have taken the health industry by storm. Quickly skim the Google search results for natural deodorant, and you will come across a range of products, articles, and research concerning the popular alternative to traditional deodorant. When reviewing these sources, you will find claims that natural deodorants are less harmful than traditional ones. 

But, how accurate are these comments? Are traditional deodorant ingredients harmful to the body? Are natural deodorants as fragrant as traditional ones? 

In this article, we discuss if natural deodorants work, natural deodorants’ health benefits, and how to shop for natural deodorants. 

What is Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorant is among the many alternative health products that may reduce the risks associated with harmful chemicals found in traditional hygiene products. Manufacturers market natural deodorants as healthy products without any potentially threatening ingredients. Typically, marketers claim that the aluminum found in conventional antiperspirants causes abnormal cell growth that can contribute to serious diseases (1). For this reason, natural deodorants do not contain aluminum. That said, natural deodorants have evolved since their inception and now contain all sorts of ingredients that are supposedly beneficial to the body. From green tea extract to peppermint essential oil, natural deodorants incorporate fragrant formulas that claim to reduce body odor, support skin health, and provide the body with essential nutrients. 

Are Natural Deodorants Better for Your Health?

Whether or not natural deodorants are better for your health is still up for debate. The internet is rife with comments and reports from medical practitioners, alternative medicine enthusiasts, and scientists on the argument. The most prominent medical experts in the industry suggest, contrary to popular belief, that the aluminum found in conventional antiperspirant formulas does not contribute to serious diseases. Most argue that there is “no conclusive evidence showing a link between cancer and aluminum-based antiperspirant” (2). Furthermore, scientists have recently debunked a myth surrounding research conducted in 1960 in which patients with Alzheimer’s Disease had higher levels of aluminum in the body. The recent reports found that there is not enough hard evidence to suggest a link between the application of aluminum-based antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Beyond the resolution of these myths, there is a case to be made on the benefits of using natural deodorants. Arguments around aluminum aside, natural deodorants contain healthy ingredients that aren’t typically found in conventional deodorants. Vitamin C is commonly found in the best natural deodorants on the market for its anti-inflammatory properties. The inclusion of Lavender oil in formulas can promote feelings of calmness and provide beneficial antiseptic qualities. The formula’s combination of most natural deodorants intends to provide these holistic health benefits while reducing odors through the inclusion of fragrant essential oils.

Are Natural Deodorants as Effective as Traditional Deodorants?

How effective are natural deodorants? Do they produce aromas as fragrant as traditional deodorants? Does the fragrance last as long on the body? Do natural deodorants deter sweat?

Most conventional deodorants claim to provide 48-hour odor relief as well as eliminate sweat buildup over long periods of time. Natural deodorants may market the same benefits. But, how do both these types of deodorant actually live up to these claims?

Traditional antiperspirants block the sweat ducts and strip the body of water necessary for the growth of odor-releasing bacteria (3). They work by creating a drier area for longer protection against these malodorous bacteria. Natural deodorant often works in the same way. The use of baking soda and/or cornstarch is critical to the effectiveness of natural deodorants. Cornstarch creates a mask over the applied area to discourage the development of bacteria responsible for body odor. Baking soda works in a very similar way when combined with a variety of other ingredients. For this reason, natural deodorants that contain baking soda and/or cornstarch should be as effective as traditional deodorants.

Fragrant essential oils are added to the baking soda and/or cornstarch-based formula to provide the enticing aromas synonymous with deodorants. Natural deodorants offer a more natural fragrance as they utilize pressed oil byproducts of flowers, plants, and other fragrant substances. Conventional deodorants try to mimic these smells or even create vastly different smells as the formulas rely on chemically-manufactured ingredients. This is why you will often see natural deodorants with identifiable fragrances like Lavender or Sandalwood and conventional deodorants with wildly varied fragrance descriptors like Ocean Breeze or Tropical Charm.

Should You Buy Natural Deodorants?

While it is reassuring to know that aluminum-based antiperspirants are not necessarily harmful to the body, it does not eliminate the need to consider natural deodorants as opposed to conventional ones. 

As discussed, natural deodorants offer several health benefits based on the ingredients used in their formulas, are likely as effective as traditional ones, and offer distinct aromas that are much easier to identify than conventional fragrances. The choice is entirely up to the individual, but be sure to note the following reasons to buy natural deodorants:

Peace of Mind

Though scientists have debunked a link between aluminum-based antiperspirant and certain serious conditions, this is not to suggest that these conventional deodorant products contain other potentially harmful ingredients. According to studies, high exposure to parabens can contribute to an increase in estrogen production, potentially contributing to cancer as a result of excessive estrogen levels in the body (4). Therefore, the use of natural deodorant that does not contain any harmful ingredients will give you complete peace of mind. 

Keep Your Clothes Clean

While modern manufacturers claim their antiperspirant products do not cause yellow stains, it is noted that yellow stains are caused by aluminum mixing with sweat (5). Therefore, any aluminum-based antiperspirant will cause yellow stains regardless of the formula or other ingredients. To keep your clothes clean for longer, consider natural deodorants that do not contain aluminum. 

Holistic Hygiene

Odorol™ Bottle

Odorol™ by Approved Science® is formulated with clinically-proven odor-reducing ingredients so that you smell fresher and feel cleaner for longer. It works by naturally balancing both good and bad bacteria as well as pH levels. It also expels unwanted toxins from the body and neutralizes odor-causing substances.

Individuals can experience the benefits of natural deodorants and a holistic health routine by freely combining these products with other skincare products as well. A comprehensive beauty routine that incorporates holistic hygiene will prove better for your mind, body, skin, hair, and nails. 

Your Takeaway

While there is no conclusive link between aluminum and serious diseases, natural deodorants may be a healthier and more effective alternative to conventional antiperspirant products. Natural deodorants contain ingredients that are known to be beneficial for the body, such as Vitamin C and Lavender oil. Furthermore, natural deodorants include natural ingredients that do not pose any sort of health risk beyond an adverse skin reaction to allergens. The inclusion of cornstarch and/or baking soda ensures that natural deodorants are as effective at reducing odors for long periods of time as well as preventing sweat buildup as conventional deodorant products. 

The decision to turn to natural deodorants is yours to make, however, doing so will give you complete peace of mind regarding your skin and body health, keep your clothes cleaner for longer as you eliminate yellow stains, and contribute to a holistic hygiene routine that includes healthy supplements, products, and other all-natural solutions to common hygiene problems. Take a look at some of the best natural deodorants on the market and switch up your spray!

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