Put An End To Menopause Fatigue With These Energy Boosting Tips

Getting older comes with a lot of perks. You gain a lot of wisdom and insights into this crazy planet we call home, you don’t sweat the small stuff, and you have a new-found appreciation and respect for the things that truly matter in life. As the saying goes “life begins after 40.” 

While this invigorating mindset and new sense of self is enlightening and eye-opening, your body is also going through physical changes that may be putting a damper on your energy levels. These changes, which are commonly known as perimenopause or menopause symptoms are completely normal once you reach your 40’s and early 50’s. For some, these changes may also bring on hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats but the main complaint many women have is that they can feel the impact on their energy levels. Fortunately, with a few tweaks to your lifestyle and Menoprin™ by Approved Science®, you can effectively bust menopause fatigue, boost your energy levels, and get back to feeling yourself again in no time. 

Rethink The Menu

Most of us are still eating the same kinds of foods as we did in our 20’s. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a high carb meal every now and then, it should not form part of your main diet. As we get older, our bodies take longer to break down foods into energy, which as a result can cause weight gain, the infamous menopause belly, and leave us feeling more fatigued than usual, especially after high carb and sugar-laden meals. When you were younger you could probably get away with eating just about anything, but now, you may notice that certain foods actually make you more tired than before.

Just like your hair, personal style, preferences, and skin regime change with age, so should your diet. Switching to low glycemic foods (foods that do not cause a spike in insulin) will provide you with a steady and lasting flow of energy throughout the day and also help keep blood sugar levels in check.  

Put An End To Menopause Fatigue With These Energy Boosting Tips

These are some of the energy-rich foods you should be incorporating into your diet:

  • Rolled oats
  • Butter beans
  • Peas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Rye bread
  • Fruits
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain pasta

Create Energy With Energy

When you are fatigued especially after a night of sweats and hot flashes, the last thing you are probably in the mood for is exercising. But here is a little secret you may not know. Burning energy while exercising is the most effective way to boost your energy levels throughout the day. According to research, exercising every day has a significantly positive effect on sleep patterns, fatigue, and overall quality of life. 

If you have never exercised regularly before, don’t overdo it on your first try. You will only land up hurting yourself. Instead, find a gentle form of exercise to start out with like yoga and then build up into something more intense. Even taking a long stroll with the dogs or doing a few laps in the pool every day is enough to get your energy levels surging.

Here are a few different types of exercises to try out:

  • Thai chi
  • Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Cycling
  • Water aerobics
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Hiking

Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

It is a no brainer that sleep is the only way to combat fatigue, however, many of us don’t actually have healthy sleep habits, meaning that we don’t get enough quality sleep. In order to function properly physically and mentally, we need about 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep every night. The best way to ensure you get some good quality sleep is by developing some good sleeping habits by following these few handy tips:

  • Put your electronic devices away at least 60 minutes before you go to bed. Research has shown that the blue light emitted from electronic devices interferes with the amount of melatonin (a sleep hormone) the body produces. 
  • Try to reduce the amount of caffeine you drink, especially after 3 pm. The same goes for alcohol. While alcohol may make you feel relaxed and a bit drowsy, it interferes with your natural sleeping patterns and leaves you feeling more tired and fatigued when you wake up.
  • Avoid using your bed for anything other than sleeping. If you are stuck in a good book or binge-watching a great series, it is best to read or watch it in another room. 
  • Try waking up and going to bed at the same time every day to help regulate your sleeping patterns.

Check Your Supplement Ingredients

There are so many different types of supplements on the market, choosing between them can cause hot flashes and night sweats of their own! The reality is that some supplements that are specifically designed for menopause only focus on providing relief from a few of the symptoms.

Menoprin by Approved Science to combat challenging menopausal symptoms.

In addition to that, there are not many supplements on the market that offer a dual formula that help to reduce symptoms and boost energy levels during the day and also help to combat night sweats and improve quality of sleep during the night.

If you are spending hard-earned money on a supplement, you don’t only want hot flash tablets, you want one that works around the clock in many ways to address different symptoms as well.

A top quality supplement like Menoprin™ by Approved Science® offers a dual formula that contains powerful ingredients like Black Cohosh, Passiflora Extract, Valerian Root, and 5-HTP to help combat irritability, boost libido, improve natural sleeping patterns, bust irritability, and increase overall energy levels.

Get Busy More Often

When it comes to perimenopause or menopause, you may not really be in the mood to get busy with your partner. However, having more sex has shown to do more than just provide a physical release.

Just because you are getting older it doesn’t mean that your sex life should become stale, in fact, many researchers believe that like a fine wine, sex gets better with age.

Spicing up your sex life and getting busy more often helps to boost energy levels, improve blood oxygen, reduce depression, and strengthens your immune system. Next time you are feeling a bit drained or feel a bit of flu coming on, the cure may just be hiding between the bedsheets. 

The Bottom Line

We may be getting older with each passing year, but this doesn’t mean that we have to accept the constant fatigue and other symptoms that come with aging. There are so many things we can do to improve our quality of life and replenish our energy levels. Eating right, getting enough exercise, supplementing properly, and getting busy more often are easy yet effective lifestyle changes that can help boost overall health and get you back to feeling like yourself in no time. 

With that being said, it is also important to monitor your health and energy levels as this could be a sign that there is an underlying issue you need to address. If you feel extremely fatigued and depressed despite making changes to your diet and lifestyle, it may be best to bring this up with your doctor so that they can help pinpoint exactly what is causing these symptoms. 

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