How To Choose A Pillow And Enhance The Quality Of Your Sleep

A new pillow may not be the most exciting item on your online shopping wishlist, but it is certainly an important one to consider, especially if you struggle with sleep deprivation, insomnia, or other sleep debilitating conditions (1). When it comes to getting a better quality of sleep, one cannot ignore the need to purchase a decent pillow to complement a new mattress. In this article, we explore steps to choose the best pillows for sleep, suggest why a quality pillow is important for your health, and showcase ways to achieve a better quality of sleep. 

Why are the Best Pillows Important? 

A quality pillow is important for your health, and the best pillows separate a poor quality of sleep from a good one which can either hurt or improve your mental and physical wellbeing. A pillow serves two primary functions:

  • Provide comfort when sleeping
  • Provide support for the neck and upper back when sleeping

In terms of comfort, the best pillows on the market provide optimal comfort for a superior night’s sleep that can offset health conditions such as chronic sleep deprivation or insomnia (2). As these conditions can cause serious mental instability and cause several harmful side effects, the importance of a great pillow cannot be neglected.

In terms of support, the best pillows on the market provide relief to the natural curves of the spine as they ensure appropriate alignment of the head and neck for individuals regardless of their sleeping patterns. 

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How to Choose the Best Pillows on the Market?

With so many pillow options out there, it can be overwhelming to make a decision regarding which pillow to choose. So, we have highlighted some common things to keep in mind when choosing the best pillow for your health, along with additional strategies to support your quality of sleep. 

The Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

Individuals that sleep on their backs should look to purchase a pillow with medium loft and firmness. Medium loft refers to the amount of cushioning density the pillow has, and this specific type of loft will ensure that your neck and head remain somewhat elevated from the bed in a natural position that supports the curves of your spine (3). A medium firmness will ensure that your head remains in a comfortable position for the duration of your sleep. 

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Individuals that sleep on their sides will require a pillow with a high loft and a firmer feel. The high loft will relieve pressure on the shoulders as the pillow can keep the head up and at a 90-degree angle to the bed. This prop support will keep you from leaning too heavily against your body during sleep. Firm support will also ensure that your head does not sink closer to the best during your sleep. 

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require pillows with a low loft and soft support as one needs to ensure their heads are as close to the mattress as possible for the duration of the night. A low loft will ensure that your head and neck are not elevated at awkward angles, and the soft support will help your spine remain in a comfortable position for the duration of your sleep. 

In all cases, individuals should purchase the best pillows that are environmentally friendly, are protected by soft and durable pillowcases, contain breathable foam that is able to retain its shape, and are made from natural and organic materials. 

Support Your Sleep With Supplements

Sleepsyl®by Approved Science® is an exceptional sleep supplement that combats symptoms of insomnia, improves one’s quality of sleep, and regulates one’s sleep-wake cycle. The manufacturer’s clinically proven blend of key ingredients at the appropriate concentrations for optimal effects remains one of the foremost natural health remedies for those that suffer from insomnia and others that experience mild sleep deprivation or disturbances. The formula contains the following core scientific ingredients:

Over and above choosing a quality pillow that will supplement your sleeping patterns, you should consider supporting your nutrition for an optimal night’s sleep. One such strategy for doing so, and the most efficient way to achieve a night of better sleep, is to supplement your diet with high-quality and clinically proven supplements.


Scientific studies suggest that L-Ornithine stabilizes energy levels and promotes a better quality of sleep (4). This particular ingredient is found in the best sleep formulas on the market for its ability to support many internal functions alongside regulating one’s sleep-wake cycle. 

Valerian Root

This all-natural ingredient is commonly used to remedy sleep deprivation as well as manage the symptoms of insomnia, according to authoritative sources (5). Valerian root works as a sedative for the brain, helping calm the mind and prevent the anxiety that would otherwise disrupt one’s sleep. 


There are many reports to suggest that Taurine is a natural aid for sleep and can promote a better quality of sleep. These reports highlight that Taurine contains hypnotic agents that can be used alongside other all-natural sleep ingredients to support one’s sleep quality (6).

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark provides the body with honokiol and magnolol, two polyphenols that are said to be responsible for their sleep-supporting qualities. These polyphenols are reported to reduce sleep latency, limit the number of times the brain wakes up during sleep, and ease the brain’s transition in and out of REM sleep (7). They may also support the body’s natural GABA(A) receptor activity for better sleep. 


The Melatonin hormone is primarily responsible for regulating the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Supplements that include Melatonin support the body’s declining production of the hormone with age, and thus combat common symptoms of insomnia as well as sleep deprivation.

Additional Ingredients to Enhance The Quality of Your Sleep

Sleepsyl™ includes additional ingredients, such as chamomile and Jujube extract which further enhance its sleep-improving results. When used in combination with the best pillows for sleep, individuals are likely to reduce the risk of neck and back pain as well as prevent sleep deprivation from affecting their mental wellbeing. But, how can one trust this particular product?

Well, several certifications provide seals of approval regarding the manufacturer’s adherence to quality control parameters. The inclusion of FDA approval and a cGMP certification support the legitimacy of this product (8). The comprehensive 365-day money-back guarantee further supports customer satisfaction as it showcases the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. This, as well as the many positive reviews for the supplement, suggest that it is one of the best natural sleep remedies on the market. 

The Bottom Line

A better quality of sleep can support one’s mental health as well as limit experiences with neck and back pain. The best pillows on the market are designed to ensure that individuals experience this better sleep as they provide ample comfort and support throughout the night. Depending on your sleeping style, whether you prefer to sleep on your back or side or stomach, you can use this handy resource to choose the best pillow for your sleep. This, coupled with a high-quality sleep support supplement are the first steps to getting a better quality of sleep and reaping the benefits of a great night in.

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