5 Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to Science

Anju Mobin
By Anju Mobin
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Approved Science
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published February 7, 2023.

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Controlling hunger pangs and food cravings isn't an easy task when first starting out on your weight loss journey. Old habits are hard to change, and a moment of lost focus is enough to fall back into old patterns and embrace comfort foods.

However, not eating enough or not eating the right foods will make you hungry even more often, paving the way to unhealthy cravings and binge eating. To prevent this from happening and impacting your weight loss, we give you 5 science-backed ways to control hunger and lose weight successfully.

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1. Choose High-Fiber Foods

Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to Science

Foods high in fiber make curbing hunger and losing weight easier in the following ways:

  • Increasing the feeling of satiety: The fiber fills you up and reduces hunger, so you feel full for a longer period of time.
  • Lowering blood sugar: High-fiber foods are digested slowly, keeping your blood sugar levels from spiking up and preventing cravings and hunger pangs.
  • Boosting metabolism: A diet high in fiber can kickstart your metabolism, increase calorie burning, and boost weight loss.

Add These High-Fiber Foods to Your Diet

  • Peas
  • Lentils
  • Almonds
  • Dark rye bread
  • Raspberries

What's more, high-fiber supplements such as Approved Science’s Raspberry Ketone MD can help control your hunger. With premium raspberry ketones extracted from real raspberries, this supplement speeds up fat burning by increasing the production of adiponectin, a protein that boosts metabolism.

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2. Drink Coffee

Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to Science

Nothing quells hunger pangs as effectively as a cup of coffee! Since coffee slows down gastric emptying, the food you eat will stay in your stomach longer, so you won't feel hungry.

However, make sure you consume coffee in moderation if you only want to reap these benefits while avoiding possible negative effects like feeling jittery. Don't add any sugar, cream, or milk because these will add on calories and negate the weight loss benefits.

Coffee also supports weight loss by:

  • Supporting healthy metabolism: Caffeine is well-known for its metabolism-boosting powers.
  • Helping control appetite: Caffeine acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Boosting your workout sessions: Having coffee with your pre-workout meal is recommended since caffeine enhances physical performance as well as cognitive functions.

Drawing on the benefits of consuming coffee, Approved Science’s Green Coffee MD with 50% chlorogenic acid is great for reducing your hunger pangs. It will increase your liver metabolism and promote fat burning.

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3. Exercise Regularly

Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to Science

While you may expect exercise to make you hungrier, we find that working out can actually kill your appetite. Exercise reduces your hunger hormone levels, supporting your weight loss in the following ways:

  • Reducing post-exercise meal intake: Since your appetite will be reduced, you'll eat less after working out—and the lower your calorie intake, the faster you lose weight.
  • Helping you burn more calories: After an intense workout, the calorie burn continues for a while because your body uses up calories to repair and build muscle. The more you work out, the more calories you'll burn post-workout.

When you eat less and burn more calories from your exercise, you'll get significant results. Approved Science’s Green Tea Extract gives you more energy to work out and helps you control your hunger. Rich in antioxidants, green tea enhances cognitive functions and supports brain health as well.

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4. Use Spices

Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to Science

Adding spices to your food not only enhances the taste but also helps reduce your hunger while increasing satiety. Spices promote weight loss by:

  • Increasing metabolism: Spices such as cinnamon and ginger can be added to your breakfast smoothies to kickstart your metabolism in the morning.
  • Helping burn more calories: Spices contain chemical compounds such as capsaicin that increase calorie burning and expedite weight loss.

Spices Good for Weight Loss

Some spices with known effects in this area include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Oregano
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric

Approved Science’s Carb Blocker MD contains cinnamon and blocks carb absorption by inhibiting starch enzymes. In this way, this supplement supports weight management by helping eliminate food cravings and promoting satiety.

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5. Eat More Protein

Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to Science

High-protein, low-carb diets are proven to promote weight loss in the following ways:

  • Helping you feel full after meals: Protein increases satiety and reduces food cravings.
  • Supporting your muscle growth: Protein is needed for building new muscles and repairing muscles after a workout.
  • Helping weight management: Protein doesn't spike up blood glucose the way carbs do, and regulated blood sugar levels facilitate weight loss.

Foods High in Protein

Some protein-rich foods include:

  • Lean beef
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Peanut butter
  • White kidney beans

With protein-rich ingredients, Approved Science’s Appetite Suppressant effectively aids weight loss. White kidney beans, Gymnema sylvestre, chromium, and mango seed powder in the supplement help reduce appetite, increase satiety, and improve insulin sensitivity.

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Control Hunger and Boost Weight Loss in Expert Ways

While on your weight loss journey, there are many ways to handle those hunger pangs without taking in too many calories and gaining pounds. By adhering to our tips like adding more protein, choosing high-fiber foods, and using spices in your diet, you'll be able to curb your hunger and optimize your weight loss.

In addition to rectifying your diet, drinking coffee, and doing exercise, Approved Science has many effective supplements that help control your hunger and reach your weight loss goals faster.