5 Natural Appetite-Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger Pangs

Anju Mobin
By Anju Mobin
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Approved Science
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published February 7, 2023.

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Losing weight requires maintaining a calorie deficit for weeks or even months. To stick to a lower-calorie diet, your meal plan should include natural and wholesome nourishing foods as opposed to high-glycemic, processed foods.

Take a look at our recommendations for five nutritionist-approved natural appetite-suppressant foods to curb hunger pangs and help you stick to your diet.

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1. White Kidney Beans

Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger Pangs

White kidney beans are nutrient-dense, with plenty of fiber and micronutrients. They're an excellent source of vegetarian protein that helps reduce your body fat and maintain lean muscle during the weight reduction phase.

The fiber in white kidney beans keeps you feeling full and promotes bowel health for better digestion during your weight loss journey. Plus, they're easy to incorporate into your diet. Simply add boiled white kidney beans to your salads and soups.

Approved Science’s Appetite Suppressant contains white kidney beans for a supplement that effectively reduces appetite and sugar cravings while increasing satiety.

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2. Cinnamon

Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger Pangs

Apart from being a fragrant spice that you can add to drinks and desserts to enhance their flavor, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits. And the best part is that it helps regulate your weight by boosting your metabolism!

Cinnamon increases thermogenesis, which means it boosts fat burning by encouraging the body to burn fat for heat. Blending cinnamon sticks with your weight loss smoothies will increase the fiber content of your drink. Foods high in fiber offer the following benefits:

  • Keeps you feeling full for longer
  • Helps reduce food cravings by promoting a feeling of satiety
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Improves digestion

Drawing on these benefits, Approved Science’s Carb Blocker MD contains cinnamon to increase fat burning. This supplement works in multiple ways to help you lose weight, including using its patented carb blocker to prevent the digestion of carbohydrates by suppressing the enzyme amylase.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger Pangs

Apple cider vinegar is widely associated with weight loss benefits. Taking just a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water before your meals will work towards suppressing your appetite, while taking it after a meal helps slow down the spike in glucose.

In our experience, adding ACV to your diet is more effective for weight loss when paired with a low-carb meal plan.

To help you reap these benefits, Approved Science’s ACV Gummies contain this ingredient to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. This supplement effectively suppresses appetite and increases satiety for optimal weight loss results.

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4. Green Coffee

Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger Pangs

Raw or unroasted green coffee beans are gaining fame for their numerous health benefits—and preventing fat accumulation is one of them. Green coffee beans can block fat buildup and lower your blood sugar levels, which is why they're a welcome addition to any weight loss diet.

You can try Approved Science’s Green Coffee MD for supporting your weight loss efforts since it contains green coffee bean extract with an optimal 50% chlorogenic acid content. This supplement boosts your metabolism and energy levels, so you'll be able to see an increase in your endurance and physical strength as well.

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5. Raspberries

Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger Pangs

As a rich source of vitamin C, raspberries hold many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that contribute to overall health as well as weight loss. Raspberries are ideal as a healthy snack because they also contain:

  • Lots of fiber: This helps lower your blood sugar and prevent cravings as well as hunger pangs.
  • Very little fat: Raspberries are made up of over 85% water, which makes them low in calories while being naturally sweet.
  • Raspberry ketones: These chemicals naturally found in red raspberries boost metabolism and fat burning while reducing your appetite.

In addition to their weight loss benefits, raspberries are simple to include in your diet—just top off your morning oatmeal with raspberries for an easy health boost.

Approved Science’s Raspberry Ketone MD contains premium raspberry ketone extracted from real red raspberries. It ramps up the production of adiponectin, a protein that boosts metabolism and fat burning. This supplement interferes with the brain's hunger signals to reduce food cravings and suppress appetite, helping you lose weight more easily.

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Reach Your Weight Loss Goal With Appetite-Suppressant Foods

Appetite suppressants decrease your urge to eat, contributing to your weight loss. Foods that contain fiber or other compounds that help control hunger pangs and increase satiety are natural appetite suppressants that enable you to stick to a low-calorie diet and lose more weight.

Drinking more water, eating more high-fiber foods, and including the above-mentioned five natural appetite suppressants in your diet will help curb your hunger pangs. And for faster weight loss results, Approved Science has a range of tried and tested supplements to expedite your health and weight loss journey.