Restlex™ vs Restavin – Which is Better For Restless Legs Relief?

What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

Willis-Ekbom Disease, more commonly known as Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), is characterized by an uncomfortable sensation in the legs and the compulsion to move them (1). Many people bounce their legs up and down, rub them, or walk around to relieve the unpleasantness. It’s important to note that even though the syndrome is named “Restless Legs”, it can affect the arms.

This urge to move makes it difficult for people with RLS to relax, especially considering that relaxation is a trigger for RLS. For this reason, Restless Leg Syndrome is often considered as a sleep disorder (2). However, there are some naturopathic remedies that can help rest your legs.

What Ingredients Are Highly Recommended For RLS?

  • Iron – Restless Legs Syndrome and an iron deficiency are often concurrent. Lower levels of iron increases the severity of RLS (3, 4).
  • Vitamin D – Studies indicate that vitamin D deficiency may be associated with Restless Legs Syndrome and supplementation with this vitamin has proven effective at reducing the severity of RLS (5).
  • Magnesium – Magnesium deficiency is believed to be one of the factors that contribute to RLS. This mineral plays a role in muscle relaxation as well as sleep (6, 7).
  • Valerian Root – Supplementation with this root has demonstrated an improvement on RLS symptoms and daytime sleepiness (8).
  • B Vitamins – The B complex vitamins play a crucial role in blood cell development and therefore in circulation as well. By supporting healthy circulation, the B vitamins may help relieve RLS. (9)

Restlex™ vs Restavin – Ingredients

When it comes to the top recommended ingredients, Restlex™ has them all while Restavin only contains some of them. Restlex™ contains B-Sci with vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and Folic Acid while Restavin only contains Folic Acid. Restavin contains less Iron, less Magnesium, no Vitamin D, and an undisclosed amount of Valerian Root. However, Restavin does provide Spirulina which contains B vitamins and Iron. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how much Spirulina is inside the proprietary blend nor can we know the amounts of vitamins and iron in each serving.

For a clear comparison of the ingredients, let’s look at them in a chart:

B VitaminsB-Sci with B1, B2, B6, B9 (Folic Acid), and B12Only B9 (Folic Acid)
Iron15 mg8 mg
Vitamin D125 mcg Vitamin D3X
Vitamin E134 mg Vitamin EX
Vitamin C90 mg100 mg
Valerian Root250 mgAmount not disclosed
Magnesium420 mg Mag-Sci with Magnesium Glycinate and Oxide20 mg Magnesium Citrate
Lemon Balm200 mg (standardized 4:1)X
Chamomile50 mg (standardized 4:1)X
Lavender6 mgX
L-Theanine200 mgX
BioPerine®5 mgX
Turmeric RootNo Turmeric RootAmount not disclosed
SpirulinaNo SpirulinaAmount not disclosed

Restlex™ is a clear winner in terms of ingredient variety and dosage amount. In addition to 15 ingredients that help improve cases of Restless Legs Syndrome, Restlex­™ also contains BioPerine® which is a bioavailability enhancer that helps the body to absorb nutrients more quickly. You can learn more about each of the ingredients here.

Restlex™ vs Restavin – Reviews

Both Restlex™ and Restavin have mostly positive reviews, however, there was one main difference that we noted. Due to the nature of capsules, Restlex™ is not accompanied by any bad taste, though Restavin, which is a liquid, has been reported to have a bad flavor. Restlex™ by Approved Science® has a higher rating on Amazon than Restavin by Rejuvica Health. It’s important to remember that Restless Legs Syndrome can be caused by different underlying factors and therefore every individual will have a different experience.

Restlex™ Reviews

"I have struggled with RLS for years trying everything natural I could because I cannot take the medication that would normally be suggested. I found this and although there are times I still get RLS it is no where near as bad as it once was. I've been taking this for a year and went from 5-6 nights a week kicking and cramps to about twice a month. Just like everything results will be different for everyone." - Kirstie, Amazon Customer
"I read a comparison article on products for restless legs and it recommended this product. Shockingly and surprisingly this product took those restless legs away the very first night I used it and they haven’t returned since. I highly recommend this product." - Sheila B, Amazon Customer
". . . I can't sleep without it. My RLS is gone!!!" - Idaliz G., Amazon Customer

Restavin Reviews

"During this time I tried Restavin and was amazed. It really works for me. It tastes bad at first but you get used to it. I usually take it right before bed and it works quickly. I was really skeptical at first but I am now a believer. I told my doctor and pharmacist about it also. If you have RLS try this. Its way better than all the horrible drugs and the side effects from them." - Ben G., Amazon Customer
". . . I was thinking of it as a daily supplement to take before bed to prevent restless legs, but later learned that it does not work as a preventive product. The way it works for me is to keep in on my night table and if I develop restless legs sometime during the night, I take the two dropperfuls and have almost immediate relief. There has been an occasional night when the restlessness came back and I had to take another dose, but rarely." - Linda, Amazon Customer
"This stuff works great but doesn't taste very good. I would recommend it." - Debra A., Amazon Customer

Restlex™ vs Restavin – Safety

Restlex™ and Restavin are both marketed as safe and have GMP-certification. Both products are tested by a third-party to verify the quality and purity of the ingredients used. There are no reported side effects for either product, however, you should consult with your health care practitioner before deciding to add a new supplement to your routine.

Buy Restlex™ or Restavin

You can buy Restlex™ or Restavin online from the company sites or verified sellers on Amazon. At Approved Science®, we guarantee a pleasant shopping experience. Our products are easy to order and our customer service team is comprised of real people who are eager to help you whether you have questions, comments, or concerns. We’re sure that you’ll love Restlex™ so much that we’ll give you a 10% discount to start your journey towards restful legs and better relaxation.

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