How To Pronounce Astaxanthin And Why You Should Take It Every Day

Antioxidants are marketed as powerful man-made or natural health-supporting substances that, when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, fight cell damage and prevent the onset of serious health conditions. Their popularity continues to grow and studies, which support their rise to prominence in the health and wellness industry, give consumers more confidence in their ability to work as the claims suggest. One of the latest antioxidants to grab the attention of the wellness world, and argued to offer a unique set of health benefits, is Astaxanthin. 

In this article, we tell you how to pronounce Astaxanthin and shed light on what it is, showcase the health benefits that Astaxanthin consumption provides, and highlight how to go about choosing the best Astaxanthin supplement on the market.

How To Pronounce Astaxanthin

Approved Science<sup>®</sup> Astaxanthin Bottle

Before we elaborate on Astaxanthin and its health benefits, let’s answer one of the biggest consumer questions surrounding the antioxidant: how does one pronounce Astaxanthin? 

The Merriam Webster dictionary, which also shares a sound recording of how to pronounce Astaxanthin, provides the following pronunciation information:

as·​ta·​xan·​thin | \ ˌa-stə-ˈzan(t)-thən

Now that you know how to pronounce Astaxanthin, you can confidently browse for the product and we can discuss the antioxidant and its powerful health benefits in more detail.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a red pigment that is part of the carotenoid chemical family, along with beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene and others. These pigments are all known for their role in providing certain algae and food with color, specifically pink and red hues in marine creatures such as krill, salmon, lobster, and more. More recently, carotenoid pigments have been subject to scientific exploration and regarded for their ability to provide healthy antioxidant support. 

How to pronounce Astaxanthin and how does it work as an antioxidant?

The numerous cases for the use of the Astaxanthin antioxidant as a health-supporting substance have led to the creation of high-quality and clinically proven Astaxanthin supplements and dietary recommendations that promote the consumption of pink foods such as crustaceans and various other seafood. The following information addresses the health benefits of Astaxanthin based on recent scientific studies to help you make an informed consumer decision.

The Health Benefits Of Astaxanthin

How To Pronounce Astaxanthin And What Can It Do For You?

Astaxanthin continues to be earmarked for scientific study as it becomes more popular in the health and wellness industry. The potential benefits of Astaxanthin as a supportive antioxidant are considered in various research papers and clinical trials to determine just how effective the substance is, as well as the specific impact that it may have on the body. Astaxanthin has been shown to benefit the following areas:

  • Eye health
  • Skin health
  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Gut Health
  • Post-workout recovery

The holistic health benefits of Astaxanthin suggest that it is somewhat of a ‘miracle’ remedy. But, does the science support the marketing claims of Astaxanthin supplement manufacturers or a consumer’s decision to eat more Astaxanthin pigmented foods? Let’s take a closer look at how Astaxanthin supports the body.

How Astaxanthin Supports Your Vision

How to pronounce Astaxanthin? Learn how it supports your vision and eye health.

Eye health deteriorates with age and eye conditions, such as Computer Vision Syndrome, which affects the vision of millions of people around the world. As the world becomes more digital and screen use continues to play a daily role in our lives, now has never been a more pressing time to consider remedies and substances that support one’s vision. Astaxanthin is showcasing its potential as an eye health support substance as increasing evidence on carotenoids for vision surface. Being the most powerful antioxidant of the carotenoid family, Astaxanthin may slow down the rate of eye deterioration, promote healthy vision, and minimize the impact of screens on the eye. Other research suggests that it can also reduce eye fatigue.

How Astaxanthin Supports Your Heart Health

Oxidative stress is a contributor to poor heart functioning among other minor and major health concerns. The need for antioxidants comes as a response to reducing the amount of oxidative stress that the body and its internal systems face daily. Astaxanthin is an extremely strong antioxidant and, for this reason, may also be a potent remedy for excessive oxidative stress in the arteries and cardiovascular system. An authoritative text from Bob Capelli and Gerald Cysewski highlights that Astaxanthin also supports proper blood flow, controls and balances blood lipid levels, and positively impacts the heart’s mitochondrial membrane. The ability to strengthen the arteries and improve blood flow may be the key to minimizing the harmful effects of oxidative stress, among other potential health concerns regarding the cardiovascular system. 

How Astaxanthin Supports Your Brain Health

How Astaxanthin supports brain health.

The brain is another vital organ that is at risk of oxidative stress. Antioxidants are imperative in the fight against oxidative stress, especially as you age and the brain naturally enters a state of functional decline. Astaxanthin is regarded as an essential antioxidant for its brain-boosting qualities and ability to protect the brain from harm, especially when combined with other brain-supporting supplements that are high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Studies conducted to determine Astaxanthin’s response in the brain and oxidative-fighting qualities noted that men who received 12 mg of Astaxanthin experienced improvements in their reaction time, attention, and memory studies when compared with another group that received a placebo. These trials help justify the use of Astaxanthin and other antioxidants to support brain health.

How Astaxanthin Supports Your Skin

Astaxanthin supports skin health.

While Astaxanthin is typically ingested through food or supplements, it can also be applied topically on the skin as a cream or ointment. Studies suggest that doing so can reduce signs of aging, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, support supple texture of the skin, and increase moisturizing and hydration properties. Beyond these improvements to the skin, the antioxidant qualities of Astaxanthin are particularly notable when it comes to skin health.

The skin is subject to free radicals and oxidative stress as a result of sun, dust, and other exposure outdoors. Antioxidants are the primary combatants of these types of oxidative stress and can, therefore, prevent skin irritations, rashes, scars, and conditions. Though the topical application of Astaxanthin is great for the skin, there are also cases that suggest oral consumption of supplements can provide positive skin benefits. This supports the notion that Astaxanthin supplements can be used to strengthen the skin and reduce signs of aging. 

How Astaxanthin Supports Your Workouts

It is typically best practice to consume health supplements in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. This will, generally, improve your workout efficiency and support post-workout recovery. That said, those who are still in the beginner stages of their workout regime may improve the rate at which they recover and support their energy during a workout with Astaxanthin antioxidant support. The supplements are known to fight exercise-induced oxidative stress, prevent fatigue as a result of exercise, and promote endurance levels throughout the exercise. These studies highlight the use of Astaxanthin as a workout enhancer and post-workout recovery support substance, further emphasizing the health benefits of the antioxidant. 

Foods that Provide Astaxanthin

Foods that contain Astaxanthin. Learn how to pronounce it and what it does for your body!

With a clear understanding of the health benefits of Astaxanthin, we can take a look at the methods of consumption and ways in which to receive the powerful antioxidant. Typically, Astaxanthin is naturally ingested while eating certain types of foods that contain the carotenoid pigment. The following foods provide Astaxanthin and can be added to your diet to experience the health benefits outlined above. 

  • Krill
  • Salmon
  • Lobster
  • Trout
  • Char
  • Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Crawfish
  • Red Snapper

The only problem with relying on foods as a source of Astaxanthin is that most do not contain high concentrations needed to benefit from the health-supporting qualities outlined in clinical studies.

In addition to that, most diets do not involve the consumption of red seafood every day. A proper dosage of Astaxanthin through a concentrated and clinically proven supplement formula is the most effective and efficient Astaxanthin absorption method possible. For this reason, it is advised that you consider quality manufacturers of tested and approved Astaxanthin supplements

What Is Approved Science® Astaxanthin?

Approved Science<sup>®</sup> Astaxanthin Bottle

Astaxanthin’s popularity in the health and wellness industry is reflected by the number of supplements showing up on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets around the world. There are plenty of options to choose from but consumers need to consider the best Astaxanthin supplements on the market if they really want to experience optimal health benefits from supplement consumption, such as Approved Science® Astaxanthin.

Approved Science® Astaxanthin is an expertly crafted and clinically proven Astaxanthin supplement that offers consumers the following key health benefits:

  • Supporting the immune system
  • Reducing oxidative stress and cell damage
  • Slowing down the aging process and reducing the signs of aging
  • Providing cardiovascular health support
  • Enhancing muscle and joint support

How does Approved Science® Astaxanthin live up to these claims? The manufacturer provides a quality-controlled formula that includes essential ingredients in the optimal concentrations to provide holistic antioxidant support. Below, we discuss the formula in more detail and share insight into the dosage guidelines to achieve the best results from Astaxanthin supplements.

Approved Science® Astaxanthin Formula

The Approved Science® Astaxanthin formula contains all the necessary ingredients and more to promote the greatest effect when consuming an antioxidant supplement. The formula is designed to provide the highest and safest concentration of Astaxanthin on the market, helping consumers experience positive health results in the quickest time possible. With so many antioxidant support substances and supplements available, Approved Science® Astaxanthin sets itself apart with a formula that has been carefully designed and concocted according to stringent manufacturing guidelines as well as based on the latest scientific research surrounding Astaxanthin and its proposed health benefits. The purpose of this particular formula is to provide the health benefits associated with Astaxanthin consumption through the combination of additional quality ingredients not typically seen in other Astaxanthin formulas on the market. 

Below, we consider the core ingredients in the product and showcase the benefits of this unique antioxidant supplement:


The key component of Approved Science® Astaxanthin is Astaxanthin itself, as this is the primary antioxidant responsible for the health benefits mentioned previously in this article. The Approved Science® formula differs from other Astaxanthin supplements on the market in that it utilizes a clinically proven patented version of the substance known as ® (opens in a new tab)”>AstaZine®.

Clinically proven patents are a sign of quality as they highlight that this iteration of the antioxidant has undergone rigorous testing and quality control measures to harness the potent health benefits of the ingredient and provide them in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This organic patented Astaxanthin is the purest and concentrated on the market, providing consumers with the key eye, skin, brain, heart, and exercise support benefits discussed in this article. 

Vitamin E

Approved Science<sup>®</sup> Astaxanthin is formulated with Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is an essential health ingredient that offers consumers a range of benefits. It is a nutrient that is needed by the body to protect the immune system and promote the regeneration of cells, further supporting the oxidative stress-fighting properties of Astaxanthin. Vitamin E benefits other organs in several additional ways, outlined by authority resources. The inclusion of Vitamin E is beneficial as it provides the formula with more comprehensive health coverage than alternative Astaxanthin supplements on the market that do not provide the same level of holistic healing properties. 


Zinc is another essential ingredient included in the Approved Science® Astaxanthin formula for its ability to support the antioxidant benefits of the core ingredient. This specific formula contains a high 11 mg concentration of Zinc to yield optimal results in the most efficient way possible, helping fight oxidative stress and reduce cell damage in all major organs. Zinc offers consumers several additional benefits, outlined by authority sources, such as a supported immune system, anti-aging properties, and combatting zinc deficiency. 


Approved Science<sup>®</sup>Astaxanthin formula contains BioPerine<sup>®</sup> to improve the rate at which the antioxidant, and other key ingredients, are absorbed and distributed around the body.

Last but certainly not least, the Approved Science® Astaxanthin formula contains BioPerine® to improve the rate at which the antioxidant, and other key ingredients, are absorbed and distributed around the body. BioPerine® is the second clinically proven and patented ingredient in the Approved Science® formula, showcasing the manufacturer’s desire to provide holistic health support to consumers. BioPerine® is an important addition as it increases the bioavailability of ingredients in supplement formulas, ensuring that consumers receive the total benefits outlined by manufacturer claims. This is an ingredient that many manufacturers fail to include in their formulas, limiting their ability to provide the health benefits of Astaxanthin.

How To Take Astaxanthin For Best Results

The perks of this particular Astaxanthin formula, when compared to alternative antioxidant support formulas on the market, lies in its accurate dosing guidelines and safe and effective concentrations of key ingredients. Let’s take a look at how Approved Science® Astaxanthin supports consumer health by considering the best ways to take the supplement and what each dosage provides from a health perspective.

According to research, the recommended dosage of Astaxanthin ranges from 4 mg to 12 mg per day. That said, most authoritative sources and clinical studies only note effective health-supporting results of Astaxanthin consumption among subjects who received the 12 mg recommendation. This suggests that to experience the total benefits of Astaxanthin, consumers should look for formulas that provide dosage guidelines and Astaxanthin concentrations of 12 mg per day. Approved Science® Astaxanthin is formulated to do exactly that, with recommendations highlighting a daily one capsule use of the 12 mg Astaxanthin formula.

It is important to note that the studies do showcase a range of dosage recommendations outlined below:

  • Astaxanthin dosage for vision health: researchers recommend 4 mg to 12 mg per day
  • Astaxanthin dosage for cognitive health: studies used 12 mg per day
  • Astaxanthin dosage for heart health: studies used between 1.8 mg and 21.6 mg per day
  • Astaxanthin dosage for skin: studies used 6 mg orally, with or without 2 ml topical astaxanthin cream
  • Astaxanthin dosage for exercise and athletes: studies used between 4 mg and 20 mg per day

However, 12 mg is said to strike the perfect balance of being the most effective dosage with the safest outcome and least potential for consumers to experience side effects and adverse reactions. As with all supplements, consume Astaxanthin at your discretion and be sure to consult your health practitioner immediately if you have a negative reaction to the substance. 

What To Look For In An Astaxanthin Supplement

Beyond a quality formula and correct dosage, there are several additional steps that consumers can take when choosing an Astaxanthin supplement from the range of options available on the market. These approaches are important as they help each and every customer get the best value for their money, as well as avoid potentially purchasing products from unreputable manufacturers that do not practice proper health and safety protocol. 

Whether it is ensuring that the manufacturer proudly showcases seals of approval and quality or scanning online stores for evidence of comprehensive money-back guarantees, we discuss the primary steps every consumer should take when browsing for a high-quality Astaxanthin supplement below:

Seals Of Quality

Approved Science<sup>®</sup> Astaxanthin is cGMP certified.

Seals of quality and approval separate one manufacturer from another, and they are vital stamps that indicate the level of quality to consumers shopping for Astaxanthin products. The best supplement manufacturers on the market will clearly showcase a cGMP certification which highlights that their manufacturing processes are quality controlled by a reputable third-party organization.

In all cases, supplements should be purchased from manufacturers with evidence of FDA approval. This status ensures that their laboratory facilities are aligned with professional recommendations and environmental safety protocols. Approved Science® ensures that every one of their products, including Approved Science® Astaxanthin, is formulated in compliance with these reliable and recommended seals of quality and approval.

Money-Back Guarantee

The presence of a money-back guarantee is a key consideration for consumers shopping for health supplements and other well-being products. This is especially important as products work differently for everybody. Our unique biochemical makeups may react in specific ways to certain products and a money-back guarantee protects consumers from the possibility of products failing to live up to the manufacturer’s marketing claims.

It is not enough for a manufacturer to provide a small money-back guarantee as this does not provide comprehensive coverage should products fail to work as intended. Shoppers should only purchase from manufacturers that boldly offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Beyond securing a customer’s financial safety and providing confidence with each purchase, this full guarantee also showcases the manufacturer’s confidence in their products and an Astaxanthin supplement’s ability to live up to their marketing claims. The 60-day money-back guarantee on all Approved Science® products give consumers true peace of mind.

Positive Consumer Reviews

The final consumer step before finalizing your purchase of a quality antioxidant supplement, such as Approved Science® Astaxanthin, is to confirm that the manufacturer’s product contains positive customer reviews. Positive customer reviews give consumers a better understanding of the actual effects of a supplement beyond the manufacturer’s claims. Consumers should browse the manufacturer’s website and locate evidence of positive customer testimonials. It is then advisable to browse third-party websites such as Amazon to determine what additional customers have said about the product. This is important as manufacturers often vet reviews displayed on their sites to only show positive feedback. Amazon customers are much more likely to share honest reviews and opinions. When considering reviews, there are bound to be negative reviews for supplements as not all products work the same for everyone. Try to gauge the potential efficacy of a product based on the average consensus across all customer reviews.

The Bottom Line

Approved Science® Astaxanthin Bottle

Astaxanthin is the latest antioxidant making waves in the health and wellness industry and for good reason. This powerful antioxidant provides a range of health benefits from improving blood flow to support cardiovascular health to fighting oxidative stress in the brain to support memory, reducing signs of aging on the skin, and promoting post-recovery after workouts. The benefits are immense, however, consumers need to consider several things before purchasing an Astaxanthin supplement. It is wise to ensure that the formula includes several key ingredients, the manufacturer contains quality seals of approval, and customers have had success with the product. These are all qualities represented and highlighted with Approved Science® Astaxanthin

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