Helpful Products For Lower Back Pain

Millions of Americans visit their general practitioners each year with back pains and many are diagnosed with back-related health conditions that hinder their ability to perform daily activities as well as their job-associated tasks and responsibilities. In fact, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) regards lower back pain as one of the primary causes of workplace disabilities. For this reason and more, individuals should consider the causes of lower back pain and look to remedies in their daily lives as well as support their health with high-quality supplements produced by reputable manufacturers, such as Approved Science®. Doing so will help individuals avoid back pain that can be a sign of and/or lead to more serious health conditions.

In this article, we share the best tips and tricks as well as showcase helpful products for lower back pain to assist your overall wellbeing and help you make an informed product purchase.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

There are an array of common causes for lower back pain, some serious and others not so serious. Being aware of all of the major and minor causes is the first step to looking after your back and overall health, so we have outlined some critical issues to make your life easier.

Muscle Strains

The most common form of back pain is a result of muscle strains experienced from exercise and other daily activities. The muscles and ligaments in the back are required during every movement and are active while you are sitting or standing for long periods of time. From idle movement to frequent exercise, your back muscles and ligaments may stretch into awkward positions throughout the day. If stretched too far in one direction or pulled in an uncomfortable area, the muscles can experience minor tears or strains that cause pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. In most cases, these minor causes of lower back pain recover on their own with rest, posture improvement exercises, and/or physical therapy.

Spinal Stenosis

Beyond common and perfectly normal experiences with muscle strains, lower back pain can be caused by more serious health conditions. These conditions, such as spinal stenosis, are diagnosed by professional medical practitioners and require more intensive recovery measures to prevent their impact on one’s daily life. Spinal stenosis, in particular, is categorized by a narrowing spinal column that puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. The back condition is commonly a result of deteriorating spinal discs between the vertebrae, which may happen with age or as a result of failing to look after one’s back. Typical symptoms of spinal stenosis include cramping, numbness, and weakness particularly evident when standing and walking, and are noticeable anywhere in the body.

Disc Injury

Back problems generally occur as a result of spinal discs between vertebrae weakening with age or as a result of excessive exercise over long periods of time. Awkward bodily movements can also impact the health and structure of one’s spinal discs. The most common disc injury that affects many Americans is a herniated, or slipped, disc. The condition generally occurs when the cartilage surrounding the disc pushes against the spinal cord or nerve roots and moves out of its aligned position. This can happen when twisting the back or lifting something heavy, and the pain generally lingers for multiple days on end. 

What Are The Best Remedies For Lower Back Pain?

With an understanding of some of the most common causes of lower back pain, we can now consider the best remedies in order to help you get back to your daily life without the pain and suffering as quickly as possible. Here are some great tips to keep in mind to look after your back health:

Medical Treatment

While injuries may feel minor, with back pain only lasting a couple of days and then subsiding for a period of time, any sign of pain could point towards more serious back-related health conditions. For this reason, it is always advisable to contact your general health practitioner as early on as possible and over and above the home remedies available to you. Medical treatments prescribed by one’s doctor may involve:

  • Deep tissue massages
  • Muscle relaxant medication
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Steroids designed to minimize inflammation
  • Spinal manipulation procedures

The doctor’s chosen plan of treatment depends entirely on the severity of the back-related issue.

Homeopathy Techniques

While the effectiveness of homeopathy is up for debate, one cannot deny that practicing healthy lifestyle habits is critical for preventing health issues and associated back problems. For example, natural foods contain extremely beneficial substances that work with the body to minimize health complications. In fact, studies highlighted that Turmeric possesses a component called curcumin that reduced inflammation among subjects who received doses of the ingredient in comparison with those that did not. This indicates that Turmeric may be an ideal ingredient to consider in medication and supplement formulas, as well as something to consume daily as a tea if you wish to relieve back pain. Other healthy foods may also help fight inflammation. Besides healthy eating, techniques to consider are as follows:

  • Extended periods of rest and recovery
  • Light stretching activities such as yoga practices
  • Meditation and mindfulness activities that allow your body to relax

Helpful Products For Lower Back Pain

There are an array of helpful strategies to combat lower back pain outlined above, however, when matters seem more serious it may be wise to consider the use of a beneficial health supplement product. Furthermore, the products outlined below help maintain overall health and wellbeing for the long-term prevention of back pain and the onset of back-related conditions.

Approved Science® Turmeric MD

Turmeric MD™ Bottle

Turmeric MD by Approved Science® is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement that includes high concentrations of Turmeric for optimal effectiveness as well as patented BioPerine® to ensure that the ingredient is bioavailable. The product is fast-acting and provides long-term pain relief, and is backed as a clinically proven formula with a 100% money-back guarantee. Daily use of this supplement in combination with light recovery exercises should maintain back health as well as minimize experiences with back pain.

Approved Science® Jointprin™

Jointprin Bottle

Jointprin by Approved Science® is another powerful pain-relieving supplement that contains highly beneficial ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients known to decrease swelling, alleviate stiffness, and reduce strain in the joints and muscles. While targeting the joints, its formula may provide back pain relief and be a quality addition to a healthy diet and recovery strategies. 

Cooling Gels

Supplements are great back pain aids and should be used in combination with ice or heat gels that you will find at your local pharmacy. These gels should be rubbed into the painful area on the back daily and gently massaged in until one feels an icy or burning sensation. This should provide quick pain relief during the day. An ice pack is another alternative that will have a similar effect.

Posture Pillows

Posture pillows help support your back from a seated position and can be moved from your office chair to your car seat and just about anywhere you find yourself seated. The benefit of using these pillows is that they encourage better posture which is a critical daily strategy to avoid back pain and back-related health conditions.

In Summary

While home care and helpful products for lower back pain are highly effective in alleviating symptoms of minor back issues and major health conditions, we advise that you consult your general health practitioner if pain persists. Until then, consider adding a high-quality supplement by Approved Science® to your dietary routine and/or practice light stretching and other homeopathic-aligned techniques to benefit your back health for longer. 

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