Dos And Don’ts For The 2021-2022 Flu Season

Spirits are high as the holiday season is near, and we wish for a snowy Christmas. But, winter is not only famous for its festive spirit and evenings sipping hot cocoa around the fire. It also brings with it the flu season. According to CDC, the highest records of influenza in the US occur from December through February. The last thing holidaymakers need is to catch the virus during the most joyous time of the year. So, we have put together this guide on the best health strategies for the 2021-2022 flu season. Following these tips and tricks, you can keep you and your family safe during the holidays and free from influenza come the start of the new school year.

Do: Stock Up On Your Supplements

One of the best ways to avoid catching the flu is to stock up on essential health supplements. Influenza is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system, particularly the lungs, nose, and throat. It typically goes away on its own and is not considered too serious. However, some individuals are at higher risk than others. According to Mayo Clinic, the following individuals are more at risk than others:

  • Children under the age of 5
  • Adults over the age of 65
  • People living in or working in nursing homes
  • Women that are pregnant or have recently given birth
  • Individuals that suffer from obesity, with a BMI of 40 or higher
  • People suffering from chronic illness, such as lung disease or diabetes
  • Individuals with weak or weakened immune systems
Approved Science® Immune Booster Bottle

As the flu poses more of a health risk for those with weak immune systems, all individuals must exercise health strategies that support the immune system. And, taking supplements is the most efficient way of doing so. Approved Science® Immune Booster is a clinically proven product with outstanding reviews that contains several essential ingredients for better immune health. It contains Echinacea, a natural ingredient that increases the body’s number of white blood cells to fight infection and combat the flu. It also includes Zinc, which activates T cells that are responsible for attacking infected cells and regulating immune responses. 

Supplements like Approved Science® Immune Booster can help your body eliminate the flu virus quicker so that you can enjoy the holiday season and a festive new year.

Don’t: Take Your Mask Off in Public

Masks are mandatory in public places, especially with the spread of new Covid variants crippling our vaccination progress. While wearing a face mask may be uncomfortable, authoritative sources and experts stress the importance of wearing a face mask to reduce the spread of infections. Beyond combatting the risk of contracting Covid, face masks can prevent the spread of other common viruses and infections, such as the flu. When in public, ensure that your face mask is on and covers your mouth and nose. You can also use this resource from Pfizer for tips on the dos and don’ts of wearing face masks. Do not take your mask off in public or communal areas as you will be at a greater risk of contracting Covid or influenza during flu season.

Do: Stay At Home If You Have Symptoms

The following list highlights symptoms of the flu, which are also symptoms that individuals with Covid experience:

  • Fever or chills
  • Persistent cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue 
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle pain or joint aches
  • Headaches
  • Change in or loss of taste or smell

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms during the festive season or flu season, then you should stay at home. As we have learned, isolating in one’s home is one of the most effective ways to curb the spread of viruses and infections. It is the last thing that you will want to do if you suffer from flu symptoms during the holiday season, but it is an absolute necessity as you can prevent spreading the flu to family and friends.

Staying at home also allows you to rest and recover from the infection. When working through the flu, be sure to drink plenty of liquids, eat healthy foods, and get enough sleep. The Approved Science blog provides plenty of helpful health articles that offer tips and tricks on ways to support your wellbeing. 

Don’t: Touch Your Eyes, Nose, And Mouth

You should practice good hygiene year-round, and especially during flu season. Flu is spread by droplets formed when people with influenza talk, sneeze, or cough. If you have been around someone with the flu, then it is likely that you have encountered these flu-bearing droplets in one way or another. Your face mask and standing at a distance from one another are your first lines of defense against the spread of infection, but there is the possibility that you have touched flu-bearing droplets or they are present on your hands. Therefore, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth in public. If flu droplets are on your hands, then doing so could lead to influenza infection. 

Do: Wash Your Hands And Disinfect Surfaces

Wash your hands as frequently as possible during the flu season. You should have naturally acclimated to this habit during the peak of the Covid pandemic, so be sure to maintain this hygiene strategy during the flu season and beyond. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap will eliminate flu droplets and reduce the spread of influenza infection. You can also carry a hand sanitizer in your pocket or handbag for times when you are unable to reach a basin and soap to wash your hands.

At home, continue to disinfect surfaces as flu droplets and other bacteria can live on different types of surfaces. You can purchase alcohol-based disinfectants for surfaces or save some money and try the following DIY disinfectant recipe from the New York Times.

Don’t: Partake In Unhealthy Festive Habits

The festive season is a jolly time and many celebrate with their family and friends over a couple of glasses of wine. But, you should be particularly careful of drinking too much during the holiday period as alcohol consumption lowers immune strength. As the immune system is responsible for fighting viruses and infections like the flu, weakened immune responses can pose a greater health risk from influenza. There are many ways to still enjoy the festivities without drinking excess alcohol. You can supplement your beverage selection with a few non-alcoholic drinks or leverage a support network of sober friends who also wish to skip the wine this Christmas. However, you do so, reducing your alcohol consumption and avoiding overeating during the holidays is a great strategy that will support your overall wellbeing. 

Stay Safe!

The festive season has rolled around and with it comes a greater risk of contracting influenza as the flu season falls over the same time frame. To stay healthy these holidays and reduce the risk of experiencing severe symptoms of the flu, follow our best health strategies for the 2021-2022 flu season. Our dos and don’ts include stocking up on supplements, keeping your mask on in public at all times, staying at home if you experience flu symptoms, avoiding touching your face, washing your hands frequently, and partaking in healthier habits this Christmas. 

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