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Weight management 9 Best Appetite Suppressants to Effectively Control Hunger PangsSupplements that eliminate cravings, increase satiety, and support healthy blood sugar levels are especially helpful during your weight loss phase. Appetite suppressants are designed to curb hunger, helping you get through one of the more challenging aspects of weight loss. To help you control your hunger and ease your weight loss journey, we've rounded up the 9 best appetite suppressant supplements from Approved Science. Our Top 9 Picks for the Best Appetite SuppressantsBest Overall: Appetite SuppressantBest to Alleviate Hunger Pangs: Caralluma MDBest to Eliminate Fat Storage: Garcinia MDBest to Boost Your Metabolism: Forskolin MDBest to Lower Calorie Intake: CLA MDBest to Support a Healthy Blood Sugar Level: Green Coffee MDBest to Control Hunger: Raspberry Ketone MDBest to Increase Satiety: ACV GummiesBest to Eliminate Cravings: Carb Blocker MD 1. Best Overall Curb your appetite to boost weight loss Ingredients Gymnema sylvestre, African mango powder, white kidney bean Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Gymnema sylvestre is a medicinal plant that has been in use for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant because it blocks the taste of sweetness. It reduces sugar cravings, making sugary foods less appealing for consumption. White kidney bean acts as a starch blocker, preventing starch from being converted into sugar. Instead, the starch reaches the bowel straight away, where it's fermented and metabolized before eventually getting excreted. In this process, there isn’t any calorie release. Approved Science’s Appetite Suppressant contains both Gymnema sylvestre and white kidney bean to reduce cravings and calorie absorption, curbing appetite and aiding weight loss. 2. Best to Alleviate Hunger Pangs Reduce hunger pangs and promote fat burning Ingredients 100% pure Caralluma fimbriata whole plant extract Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Caralluma fimbriata is a kind of cactus that's very popular as an appetite suppressant. This is because its bioactive compounds called pregnane glycosides regulate the synthesis of ghrelin and neuropeptide-Y hormones responsible for food cravings. With 100% pure extract of this powerful plant, Approved Science’s Caralluma MD naturally suppresses appetite, stops fat production, triggers fat burning, and boosts metabolism, accelerating weight loss and reducing stubborn fat. 3. Best to Eliminate Fat Storage Reduce cravings to prevent fat formation Ingredients Garcinia cambogia, potassium Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is a natural fat burner. Extracted from the rind of the Garcinia cambogia fruit, HCA is known to suppress food cravings. Supplements with Garcinia cambogia as their main ingredient like Approved Science's Garcinia MD block the fat-producing enzyme citrate lyase and prevent the formation and storage of fat. This way, this supplement helps control your appetite and keeps you full while regulating stress hormones that can affect fat formation. 4. Best to Boost Your Metabolism Lose weight more quickly with a faster metabolism Ingredients Pure forskolin root extract with 20% Coleus forskoholii Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Extracted from the tropical herb Coleus forskohlii, forskolin is a substance that naturally increases metabolism by activating key enzymes and stimulating hormones involved in fat-burning mechanisms. It also helps break down fat and suppress appetite while increasing thermogenesis for greater calorie burn—the more energy is used to produce heat, the more calories are burned up. To make use of these benefits, Approved Science’s Forskolin MD contains 20% standardized root extract from Coleus forskohlii. Working as a potent fat burner and appetite suppressant, this supplement also boosts metabolism, helping break down body fat and promoting weight loss. 5. Best to Lower Calorie Intake Prevent fat production by reducing your calorie intake Ingredients 100% CLA derived from safflower oil Amount 60 softgel capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) increases the production of appetite-regulating hormones and can keep you full for a longer time, so it's very effective in lowering total calorie intake. CLA also blocks the fat-producing enzymes of lipoprotein lipase. Instead, it boosts fat burning and stimulates the breakdown of the stored fat in the body. Approved Science’s CLA MD contains CLA derived from safflower oil that's standardized to 85%, which is the highest available potency. With no additives, fillers, or preservatives, this supplement acts as an appetite suppressor by lowering food cravings, speeding up metabolism, and accelerating weight loss. 6. Best to Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Accelerate weight loss and optimize physical strength Ingredients Green coffee bean extract of Coffea arabica with 50% chlorogenic acid Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee The chlorogenic acid in raw or roasted green coffee beans helps reduce the release of glucose in the body, minimizing glucose absorption in the intestine and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. With not much glucose as fuel, the body is forced to use the reserves of fat, which leads to weight loss. What's more, green coffee suppresses appetite by increasing the feeling of satiety. Drawing on these medicinal benefits, Approved Science’s Green Coffee MD, with an optimal 50% chlorogenic acid content, boosts metabolism, triggers fat burning, suppresses appetite, and increases energy levels. While using this supplement, you'll also note an increase in your exercise endurance and physical strength. 7. Best to Control Hunger Regulate cravings for healthier eating habits Ingredients All-natural raspberry ketones derived from real raspberries Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Raspberry ketones are chemicals found in red raspberries that encourage the breakdown of fat cells and accelerate fat burning. As such, they're powerful appetite suppressants that stop the brain from giving hunger signals. Making use of these advantages, Approved Science’s Raspberry Ketone MD contains 100% raspberry ketones at a high dosage of 1,000 mg per serving. This supplement increases adiponectin, a protein that boosts metabolism and speeds up weight loss. It also improves blood sugar levels and regulates food cravings. 8. Best to Increase Satiety Stay full for a longer period to promote weight loss Ingredients Apple cider vinegar, vitamins A, B6, B9, and B12, iodine Amount 60 gummies Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Apple cider vinegar suppresses appetite by increasing satiety. By slowing down the emptying of the stomach, it keeps you full for a longer period of time. In addition, ACV aids weight loss by boosting fat burning. With a high dosage of 1,000 mg of unfiltered ACV, Approved Science’s ACV Gummies are packed with beneficial bacteria that provide optimal health benefits. Specifically designed to help control food cravings and curb appetite, this supplement will effectively aid your weight loss efforts. 9. Best to Eliminate Cravings Stave off hunger by blocking carb digestion Ingredients White kidney bean extract, cinnamon, chromium, prickly pear Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee White kidney beans are high in resistant starch that slows down digestion and prevents spikes in blood glucose levels, which prevents the breakdown of carbohydrates and keeps you full for a long time. On the other hand, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and increases fat burning. Combining the benefits of these two ingredients, Approved Science’s Carb Blocker MD blocks carb digestion by inhibiting the enzyme amylase, which is responsible for carb breakdown. What's more, the cinnamon and the prickly pear in the supplement help reduce the absorption of fat in the body to optimize weight loss. Aid Weight Loss by Curbing Hunger With the Right Supplement Appetite suppressants are supplements designed to curb hunger by reducing appetite, slowing stomach emptying, and blocking certain enzymes in the body responsible for fat production. Some appetite suppressants also boost metabolism and increase fat burning. With the appetite suppressants on our list that contain certified natural ingredients to control hunger, you'll be able to effectively reduce food cravings and greatly facilitate your weight loss journey.
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Weight management 5 Expert Ways to Control Hunger According to ScienceControlling hunger pangs and food cravings isn't an easy task when first starting out on your weight loss journey. Old habits are hard to change, and a moment of lost focus is enough to fall back into old patterns and embrace comfort foods. However, not eating enough or not eating the right foods will make you hungry even more often, paving the way to unhealthy cravings and binge eating. To prevent this from happening and impacting your weight loss, we give you 5 science-backed ways to control hunger and lose weight successfully. » Want to speed up your weight loss? These appetite suppressants will help you reach your goal 1. Choose High-Fiber Foods Foods high in fiber make curbing hunger and losing weight easier in the following ways: Increasing the feeling of satiety: The fiber fills you up and reduces hunger, so you feel full for a longer period of time.Lowering blood sugar: High-fiber foods are digested slowly, keeping your blood sugar levels from spiking up and preventing cravings and hunger pangs.Boosting metabolism: A diet high in fiber can kickstart your metabolism, increase calorie burning, and boost weight loss. Add These High-Fiber Foods to Your Diet PeasLentilsAlmondsDark rye breadRaspberries What's more, high-fiber supplements such as Approved Science’s Raspberry Ketone MD can help control your hunger. With premium raspberry ketones extracted from real raspberries, this supplement speeds up fat burning by increasing the production of adiponectin, a protein that boosts metabolism. 2. Drink Coffee Nothing quells hunger pangs as effectively as a cup of coffee! Since coffee slows down gastric emptying, the food you eat will stay in your stomach longer, so you won't feel hungry. However, make sure you consume coffee in moderation if you only want to reap these benefits while avoiding possible negative effects like feeling jittery. Don't add any sugar, cream, or milk because these will add on calories and negate the weight loss benefits. Coffee also supports weight loss by: Supporting healthy metabolism: Caffeine is well-known for its metabolism-boosting powers.Helping control appetite: Caffeine acts as a natural appetite suppressant.Boosting your workout sessions: Having coffee with your pre-workout meal is recommended since caffeine enhances physical performance as well as cognitive functions. Drawing on the benefits of consuming coffee, Approved Science’s Green Coffee MD with 50% chlorogenic acid is great for reducing your hunger pangs. It will increase your liver metabolism and promote fat burning. 3. Exercise Regularly While you may expect exercise to make you hungrier, we find that working out can actually kill your appetite. Exercise reduces your hunger hormone levels, supporting your weight loss in the following ways: Reducing post-exercise meal intake: Since your appetite will be reduced, you'll eat less after working out—and the lower your calorie intake, the faster you lose weight.Helping you burn more calories: After an intense workout, the calorie burn continues for a while because your body uses up calories to repair and build muscle. The more you work out, the more calories you'll burn post-workout. When you eat less and burn more calories from your exercise, you'll get significant results. Approved Science’s Green Tea Extract gives you more energy to work out and helps you control your hunger. Rich in antioxidants, green tea enhances cognitive functions and supports brain health as well. 4. Use Spices Adding spices to your food not only enhances the taste but also helps reduce your hunger while increasing satiety. Spices promote weight loss by: Increasing metabolism: Spices such as cinnamon and ginger can be added to your breakfast smoothies to kickstart your metabolism in the morning.Helping burn more calories: Spices contain chemical compounds such as capsaicin that increase calorie burning and expedite weight loss. Spices Good for Weight Loss Some spices with known effects in this area include: CinnamonCayenne pepperOreganoGingerTurmeric Approved Science’s Carb Blocker MD contains cinnamon and blocks carb absorption by inhibiting starch enzymes. In this way, this supplement supports weight management by helping eliminate food cravings and promoting satiety. 5. Eat More Protein High-protein, low-carb diets are proven to promote weight loss in the following ways: Helping you feel full after meals: Protein increases satiety and reduces food cravings. Supporting your muscle growth: Protein is needed for building new muscles and repairing muscles after a workout.Helping weight management: Protein doesn't spike up blood glucose the way carbs do, and regulated blood sugar levels facilitate weight loss. Foods High in Protein Some protein-rich foods include: Lean beefEggsChickenPeanut butterWhite kidney beans With protein-rich ingredients, Approved Science’s Appetite Suppressant effectively aids weight loss. White kidney beans, Gymnema sylvestre, chromium, and mango seed powder in the supplement help reduce appetite, increase satiety, and improve insulin sensitivity. Control Hunger and Boost Weight Loss in Expert Ways While on your weight loss journey, there are many ways to handle those hunger pangs without taking in too many calories and gaining pounds. By adhering to our tips like adding more protein, choosing high-fiber foods, and using spices in your diet, you'll be able to curb your hunger and optimize your weight loss. In addition to rectifying your diet, drinking coffee, and doing exercise, Approved Science has many effective supplements that help control your hunger and reach your weight loss goals faster.
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Weight management Using Gymnema Sylvestre for Weight Loss: An Expert's TakeGymnema sylvestre is a herb commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for treating various health conditions. Native to India, Africa, and Australia, this plant is now also gaining popularity as a natural remedy that aids weight loss. This plant is well-known for blocking the sweet receptors of your taste buds and reducing your craving for sugar. Below, read about why Gymnema sylvestre is beneficial for weight loss and what the best ways to use it are from my perspective as a nutritionist. » Want to speed up your weight loss? Try these appetite suppressants for better results 5 Benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre for Weight Loss Gymnema sylvestre leaves are beneficial in many ways—they're traditionally used for treating various ailments such as diabetes and even snakebites. However, let me explain the five ways this plant helps you lose weight faster. 1. Helps With Sugar Cravings Containing a compound known as gymnemic acid that specifically blocks the taste of sugar on your tongue, this plant decreases your sugar cravings. This helps cut down on sweet and sugary foods, decreasing your calorie intake and aiding weight loss. To block the sugar receptors on your taste buds, you should take Gymnema sylvestre extracts before consuming a sweet beverage or food item. According to a recent study, those who took Gymnema extract in a fasted state ate less food at their next meal, and their appetite for sweet foods was notably diminished. What's more, this reduction in the perception of sweet flavors is only temporary, so you don't have to worry about altering your taste buds in the long run. 2. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels When your body is unable to use insulin correctly to regulate your blood glucose, you end up with high blood sugar and the risk of diabetes. Nevertheless, Gymnema sylvestre helps lower blood sugar with its anti-diabetic properties. This plant lowers your blood sugar by reducing glucose absorption in your intestines. Just like it does with your taste buds, Gymnema sylvestre blocks the receptors in your intestine that help with glucose absorption. It promotes weight loss by increasing your insulin sensitivity, which in turn improves the regulation of your blood sugar levels and keeps your insulin levels more stable. 3. Stimulates Insulin Production Anti-diabetic herbal formulations are now gaining popularity over synthetic ones, and Gymnema sylvestre is an herb with much potential for treating diabetes. Adequate insulin secretion and sensitivity are needed for controlling blood sugar in our system. While insulin production is hampered in some people with diabetes, others have more than enough insulin but suffer from insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance. Gymnema sylvestre is useful in both these situations because it both naturally enhances insulin production and improves insulin sensitivity. 4. Speeds Up Weight Loss Gymnema sylvestre encourages your body to burn fat as fuel. Since it's a plant-derived sweetness inhibitor, you'll eat less of sweet foods and take in fewer calories. With fewer calories to burn, your body resorts to burning stored fat, accelerating weight loss in the process. Plus, you'll be able to make healthier food choices more consistently without the temptation to indulge in high-calorie desserts and chocolates. 5. Promotes Healthy Digestion Another way in which Gymnema sylvestre aids weight loss is by promoting healthy digestion. When your body is able to better absorb and utilize the nutrients in food, your risk of overeating and weight gain is reduced. Gymnema sylvestre helps improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reducing your risk of obesity and heart disease. » Need a better weight loss plan? Consider these expert ways to control hunger How to Use Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnema sylvestre is available for consumption in different forms, including: TeaPowderCapsules For ease of use, Gymnema sylvestre supplements in the form of capsules like Approved Science's Appetite Suppressant are the obvious choice. With Gymnema sylvestre as its main ingredient, this supplement will boost your weight loss efforts by regulating your blood sugar levels, decreasing the appeal of sweet foods and reducing your sugar cravings. Plus, with the addition of other helpful ingredients like white kidney beans, you can count on this supplement's to block carbs and boost your metabolism for even faster weight loss. Optimize Your Weight Loss Efforts With Gymnema Sylvestre As a nutritionist, I agree that Gymnema sylvestre is a powerful herb for aiding weight loss. However, it should be used as part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and stress management for the best results. This plant is generally considered safe for consumption, but make sure to consult your doctor before including it in your weight loss plan if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or have diabetes.
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Weight management 5 Natural Appetite-Suppressant Foods That Curb Hunger PangsLosing weight requires maintaining a calorie deficit for weeks or even months. To stick to a lower-calorie diet, your meal plan should include natural and wholesome nourishing foods as opposed to high-glycemic, processed foods. Take a look at our recommendations for five nutritionist-approved natural appetite-suppressant foods to curb hunger pangs and help you stick to your diet. » Need to improve your weight loss efforts? These appetite suppressants will get you better results 1. White Kidney Beans White kidney beans are nutrient-dense, with plenty of fiber and micronutrients. They're an excellent source of vegetarian protein that helps reduce your body fat and maintain lean muscle during the weight reduction phase. The fiber in white kidney beans keeps you feeling full and promotes bowel health for better digestion during your weight loss journey. Plus, they're easy to incorporate into your diet. Simply add boiled white kidney beans to your salads and soups. Approved Science’s Appetite Suppressant contains white kidney beans for a supplement that effectively reduces appetite and sugar cravings while increasing satiety. 2. Cinnamon Apart from being a fragrant spice that you can add to drinks and desserts to enhance their flavor, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits. And the best part is that it helps regulate your weight by boosting your metabolism! Cinnamon increases thermogenesis, which means it boosts fat burning by encouraging the body to burn fat for heat. Blending cinnamon sticks with your weight loss smoothies will increase the fiber content of your drink. Foods high in fiber offer the following benefits: Keeps you feeling full for longerHelps reduce food cravings by promoting a feeling of satietyBoosts your metabolismImproves digestion Drawing on these benefits, Approved Science’s Carb Blocker MD contains cinnamon to increase fat burning. This supplement works in multiple ways to help you lose weight, including using its patented carb blocker to prevent the digestion of carbohydrates by suppressing the enzyme amylase. 3. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is widely associated with weight loss benefits. Taking just a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water before your meals will work towards suppressing your appetite, while taking it after a meal helps slow down the spike in glucose. In our experience, adding ACV to your diet is more effective for weight loss when paired with a low-carb meal plan. To help you reap these benefits, Approved Science’s ACV Gummies contain this ingredient to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. This supplement effectively suppresses appetite and increases satiety for optimal weight loss results. 4. Green Coffee Raw or unroasted green coffee beans are gaining fame for their numerous health benefits—and preventing fat accumulation is one of them. Green coffee beans can block fat buildup and lower your blood sugar levels, which is why they're a welcome addition to any weight loss diet. You can try Approved Science’s Green Coffee MD for supporting your weight loss efforts since it contains green coffee bean extract with an optimal 50% chlorogenic acid content. This supplement boosts your metabolism and energy levels, so you'll be able to see an increase in your endurance and physical strength as well. 5. Raspberries As a rich source of vitamin C, raspberries hold many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that contribute to overall health as well as weight loss. Raspberries are ideal as a healthy snack because they also contain: Lots of fiber: This helps lower your blood sugar and prevent cravings as well as hunger pangs.Very little fat: Raspberries are made up of over 85% water, which makes them low in calories while being naturally sweet.Raspberry ketones: These chemicals naturally found in red raspberries boost metabolism and fat burning while reducing your appetite. In addition to their weight loss benefits, raspberries are simple to include in your diet—just top off your morning oatmeal with raspberries for an easy health boost. Approved Science’s Raspberry Ketone MD contains premium raspberry ketone extracted from real red raspberries. It ramps up the production of adiponectin, a protein that boosts metabolism and fat burning. This supplement interferes with the brain's hunger signals to reduce food cravings and suppress appetite, helping you lose weight more easily. Reach Your Weight Loss Goal With Appetite-Suppressant Foods Appetite suppressants decrease your urge to eat, contributing to your weight loss. Foods that contain fiber or other compounds that help control hunger pangs and increase satiety are natural appetite suppressants that enable you to stick to a low-calorie diet and lose more weight. Drinking more water, eating more high-fiber foods, and including the above-mentioned five natural appetite suppressants in your diet will help curb your hunger pangs. And for faster weight loss results, Approved Science has a range of tried and tested supplements to expedite your health and weight loss journey.
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Sexual and reproductive health5 Best Women’s Libido Supplements to Naturally Boost Sexual Energy and DesireSex is a very important part of a healthy relationship. Although a satisfying sex life is important for a woman’s overall well-being, many women struggle with decreased sexual desire. Low libido or reduced sex drive can result from hormonal imbalance, stress, certain medications, or an underlying medical condition. As they age and get closer to menopause, most women experience pre-menopause and menopause symptoms like mood swings, night sweats, irritation, and hot flashes, which can also dampen libido. However, you can boost sexual energy naturally using the right supplements. In this article, we've provided the 5 best supplements for women to naturally boost their libido. 5 Best Supplements to Increase Female Libido Best to Increase Sexual Desire: FeminylBest for Anxiety: PMS MDBest for Hormonal Balance: Evening Primrose OilBest for Fertility: FertilisylBest for Decreased Libido: Menoprin 1. Best Supplement to Increase Female Libido Boost your libido Ingredients BioFem™ female enhancement complex, vitamin B complex, maca root Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee With age, the level of sex hormones in women takes a massive dip. This causes dryness in the vaginal tissue, resulting in painful or uncomfortable sex. Approved Science's Feminyl boosts female libido by harnessing the power of active compounds in ginseng and Ginkgo biloba to improve blood circulation and physical endurance. The magnesium in this supplement helps relieve stress and calms you down, while vitamin D3 helps stimulate the production of sex hormones. On top of that, the maca root extract has a libido-enhancing effect, while L-arginine increases nitric oxide production to dilate the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to sexual organs, improving arousal and desire. 2. Best for Anxiety Reduce the symptoms of anxiety Ingredients Magnesium complex, vitamin B complex, calcium, Femsyl™ oil blend Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee As stress and anxiety can cause low sex drive, Approved Science's PMS MD contains some of the most effective ingredients that relieve PMS-related stress that comes with other symptoms like cramps, general pain, irritation, mood swings, etc. This supplement's magnesium complex improves the symptoms of anxiety, while B vitamins and calcium help reduce PMS-induced depression and fatigue. The oil blend in the supplement containing evening primrose oil and borage oil helps fight PMS-related stress more effectively. Together, these ingredients regulate stress by supporting serotonin and dopamine production for mood-boosting effects. And the lesser the stress and discomfort of PMS, the better the chances of a healthy reproductive life. 3. Best for Hormonal Balance Achieve hormonal balance Ingredients 10% GLA and other natural essential acids and vitamins Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee As they approach menopause, women's sex hormone production starts to reduce. From their early 30s, hormone imbalance can compromise their sex life by affecting their energy, physical sensitivity, responsiveness, and desire. With estrogen levels fluctuating (either as deficiency or dominance) and progesterone levels going down, women are prone to moodiness, fatigue, etc. To battle these problems, Approved Science’s Evening Primrose Oil is one of the best supplements with acids to stabilize the body's hormonal balance. This supplement contains GLA, which converts into prostaglandin and helps prevent or relieve PMS. It reduces the severity of any unwanted symptoms and boosts sexual energy. Evening Primrose oil also reduces inflammation, calm’s the body’s nervous system, and can help bring down blood pressure, cholesterol, and nerve pain. 4. Best for Fertility Enhance your fertility Ingredients Bionositol™, vitamin B complex, nettle extract, chasteberry, zinc Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Problems with female fertility can also lead to issues with libido. Infertility issues can cause constant stress and release cortisol, sparking a fight-or-flight response. Long-term high cortisol levels have many negative impacts, including low sex drive. Approved Science's Fertilisyl helps increase fertility by balancing female hormones and regulating the menstrual cycle. Its combination of essential nutrients and herb content increases the production of progesterone, which in turn reduces the risk of luteal phase defects. Other ingredients in the supplement support egg quality and follicular development. What's more, Fertilisyl reduces inflammation and decreases the risk of insulin resistance in women suffering from PCOS, one of the most common causes of female infertility. 5. Best for Decreased Libido Naturally increase your libido Ingredients Black cohosh, chasteberry, red clover, zinc Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee As women approach menopause, their hormones start to fluctuate, with some taking a dip while others increase. This imbalance causes mood swings, depression, and low libido. Approved Science’s Menoprin is an all-in-one supplement that targets specific menopause symptoms and provides relief from them. It contains all-natural ingredients that help balance a woman's hormonal system, so it's absolutely safe from health risks associated with hormone-replacement therapy. Menoprin also has a unique combination of essential nutrients that help close nutritional gaps and prevent symptoms related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. All in all, this supplement provides you with 24/7 relief that can boost your energy and libido. Boost Sexual Energy With the Right Supplement With age, a woman’s sexual desire changes, and these highs and lows can coincide with underlying medical conditions and hormonal imbalances. This is especially evident during the menopause transition while women are suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. Together, these symptoms together can completely undermine female sexual desire. To naturally boost your sexual energy, you can opt for some of the above-mentioned supplements to help correct hormonal imbalance, treat menopausal symptoms, and improve your reproductive health.
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Weight management 9 Best Fat-Burning Supplements for Women to Increase MetabolismAlthough being overweight has major consequences on our health, no weight loss journey is an easy one. With age, the weight challenges women encounter get more difficult, as we face hormonal imbalances, reduced growth hormones, and increased stress levels. During menopause, the drop in female sex hormones aggravates this situation even further. However, simple lifestyle changes including an adjusted diet with more proteins and vegetables can make a notable impact on our weight loss efforts. Regular exercise will also boost your metabolism and trigger fat burning. But for better results, the right nutritional supplements can be of immense help on your weight loss journey. In this article, we've gathered our best women's supplements that target fat and boost metabolism to support your weight loss. 9 Best Supplements for Women to Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism Best to Accelerate Weight Loss: Caralluma MDBest to Prevent the Formation of New Fat: CLA MD Best to Break Down Stored Fat: Forskolin MDBest to Block Carb Absorption: Carb Blocker MDBest to Boost Metabolism: Raspberry Ketone MDBest to Burn Fat: Green Coffee MDBest to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels: ACV GummiesBest to Improve Digestion: ColonaxBest to Control Hunger: Appetite Suppressant 1. Best to Accelerate Weight Loss Prevent fat production in the body Ingredients 100% Caralluma fimbriata whole plant extract Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee As citrate lyase is the key enzyme in fat synthesis, supplements that block this enzyme can stop fat production in the body, forcing the body to burn reserve fat stores instead. This can significantly accelerate weight loss for women. Approved Science’s Caralluma MD is one such supplement. It contains 100% pure Caralluma fimbriata extract with glycosides and saponins that blocks this key enzyme responsible for fat production. It also helps curb appetite and reduce overall calorie intake. The supplement also helps stabilize blood sugar, paving the path for fat burning. 2. Best to Prevent the Formation of New Fat Enhance your weight loss Ingredients 100% CLA derived from safflower oil Amount 60 soft-gel capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Lipoprotein lipase is another key enzyme in the production of fat. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a type of omega-6 fatty acid that can block lipoprotein lipase, interfering with fat production and accelerating weight loss. Approved Science’s CLA MD is a soft-gel supplement that contains 100% high-quality CLA derived from safflower oil standardized to 85%, which is the highest available potency. By preventing new fat formation, CLA MD forces the stored fat to break down for energy. This supplement promotes weight loss while increasing lean muscle mass. It's a potent appetite suppressant as well, and it reduces food cravings. 3. Best to Break Down Stored Fat Speed up fat burning in the body Ingredients Forskolin root extract with 20% Coleus forskohlii Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Adenylate cyclase is the only enzyme synthesizing cAMP, a key messenger that helps regulate fat metabolism. Approved Science’s Forskolin MD contains 20% Coleus forskohlii, which activates this enzyme to increase cAMP production. It then stimulates the fat-burning hormones and speeds up fat burning in the body. The supplement also helps break down fatty tissue to aid thermogenesis and increase metabolism. 4. Best to Block Carb Absorption Naturally block carbs Ingredients White kidney bean extract, chromium, lipase, cinnamon Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Carbs break down into glucose, which is then used by the body to produce energy. However, when we eat too many carbs, the extra glucose gets converted into fat. Approved Science’s Carb Blocker MD contains 1000 mg per daily serving of white kidney bean extract and other ingredients that block starch-digesting enzymes, directing the entire starch (complex carb) straight into the large intestine to be expelled. When the body doesn’t get the required glucose from carbs, it will start burning fat for energy, aiding your weight loss. The accumulation of starch in the intestine also becomes fodder for the healthy gut bacteria and staves off hunger. What's more, chromium in the supplement helps boost metabolism, while lipase and protease ensure the effective digestion of protein and fat. 5. Best to Boost Metabolism Ensure rapid weight loss Ingredients All-natural raspberry ketones Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee A sluggish metabolism reduces activity levels and calorie burning, leading to increased weight gain. On the other hand, a higher metabolic rate ensures more calorie burn and faster weight loss. Approved Science’s Raspberry Ketone MD contains a daily serving of 1000 mg of pure raspberry extract that increases adiponectin, a protein used by the body to boost metabolism. This supplement speeds up fat burning in the body for faster weight loss, while also improving blood sugar levels and regulating food cravings. 6. Best to Burn Fat Stimulate increased fat burning Ingredients Green coffee bean extract GCA® Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee The enzyme glucose-6 phosphate promotes glucose formation in the body—and with glucose in the bloodstream, your body won't burn fat. Approved Science’s Green Coffee MD contains 50% of chlorogenic acid that inhibits the functioning of this enzyme, minimizing glucose absorption and supporting healthy blood glucose levels. This way, it enhances your weight loss efforts by allowing the body to burn fat faster and increasing your metabolism. 7. Best to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Aid fat loss with healthy blood sugar levels Ingredients Apple cider vinegar, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iodine Amount 60 gummies Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee The optimum blood glucose level for burning fat is 70-85 mg/dL, so high sugar in the blood is the biggest barrier to fat burning. Approved Science’s ACV Gummies contain 1000 mg of pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar along with a vitamin B complex that regulates blood sugar levels and promotes fat loss. The unique superfood blend in the supplement boosts your metabolism and fills in the nutritional gaps. This supplement aids digestion, increases satiety, lowers triglyceride levels, and detoxifies the body. 8. Best to Improve Digestion Promote better digestion for fat loss Ingredients Psyllium husk, L-acidophilus, papaya leaf, flaxseed powder Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Cleansing your colon can help you remove mucus and hardened waste along the walls of the colon. It also flushes out the toxins, which can improve digestion and support weight loss. Approved Science’s Colonax contains a unique blend of ingredients to eliminate harmful toxins from the body, stimulating peristalsis to effectively cleanse your colon. The ingredients in the supplement boost the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. Colonax aids the digestive process, maintaining healthy intestinal and digestive balance to aid weight loss. 9. Best to Control Hunger Reduce weight through hunger control Ingredients Gymnema sylvestre, white kidney bean, vitamin C, vitamin D3 Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee The best way to reduce weight is to control your hunger, but that's easier said than done. However, Approved Science’s Appetite Suppressant balances the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin to reduce appetite. This supplement contains Gymnema sylvestre, which blocks the taste of sweetness and makes food less appetizing, helping control your hunger more easily. The white kidney bean in this supplement acts as a starch blocker and keeps you full. What's more, the vitamins and minerals in the supplement improve insulin sensitivity and reduce food cravings, while Caralluma fimbriata contributes to appetite control. Boost Your Metabolism With the Right Supplement When trying to achieve your desired weight, there are numerous factors that affect weight loss to keep in mind. For instance, the higher the metabolic rate, the more calories you burn in the resting state, and the easier it is to shed fat. Common factors that can slow your metabolism are insulin resistance, nutritional deficiency, defective thyroid function, or hormonal imbalance. Nutritional supplements like those on our list can help improve metabolism and blood sugar regulation, accelerating your weight loss. The best supplements for losing weight contain ACV, green coffee extract, medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other helpful ingredients that inhibit fat-causing enzymes and make losing weight easier.
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Menopause7 Best Women’s Hormone-Balance Supplements for Menopause Symptom ReliefFor women, menopause can set in any time between 40 and 55 years of age. During menopause, there's a drastic drop in the sex hormones released by the ovaries, which causes hormonal imbalance that comes with various uncomfortable symptoms. Common symptoms of menopause include mood fluctuations, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, weight gain, night sweats, etc. Although a healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet and regular exercise can help reduce these symptoms, nutritional supplements can be very beneficial as well. In this article, we've provided 7 Approved Science supplements with powerful ingredients that provide relief from menopausal symptoms. 7 Best Women's Supplements for Menopause Symptom Relief Best for Maintaining Hormonal Balance: AnxietexBest for Strengthening the Immune System: MigranexBest for Sleep Problems: SleepsylBest for Reducing Fatigue: EnergysylBest for Improving Mental Clarity: MemorysylBest for Hot Flashes: Evening Primrose OilBest for Relieving Menopausal Symptoms: Menoprin 1. Best for Maintaining Hormonal Balance Fight hormonal imbalance Ingredients Valerian root, 5-HTP, L-theanine, magnolia, Siberian ginseng Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee As they approach menopause, women experience hormonal imbalances. Fluctuating levels of estrogen and testosterone can cause various unpleasant symptoms, including anxiety. Approved Science’s Anxietex contains valerian root, 5 HTP, L-theanine, passion flower, chamomile flower, Bacopa monniera, and magnolia, which contain psychoactive properties that reduce mental and physical stress. What's more, the Siberian ginseng in this supplement reduces anxiety and depression while vitamins and minerals contribute to more balanced hormones and reduced anxiety. Anxietex helps maintain hormonal balance, increase serotonin levels, and nurture restful sleep. 2. Best for Strengthening the Immune System Relieve menopausal migraines Ingredients Ginger, Ginkgo biloba, white willow bark, magnesium, bromelain Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Migraines are recurring headaches that last can last anywhere from 4 to even 72 hours. Approved Science’s Migranex strengthens the body's immune system and improves the hormonal balance to prevent migraines, which commonly occur during menopause. The supplement has minerals and vitamins that promote energy release and improve cerebral blood flow to effectively migraine severity. Other ingredients in this supplement such as feverfew, butterbur, ginger, Ginkgo biloba, white willow bark, and wild yam root offer anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic elements that help balance hormones. It also contains bromelain, a natural enzyme that helps break down protein and combat headaches related to sinus inflammation or infection. 3. Best for Sleep Problems Restore healthy rest Ingredients L-ornithine, valerian root, chamomile, hops, lemon balm Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Menopause-induced stress and anxiety can often result in sleepless nights and play havoc with your overall health. Approved Science’s Sleepsyl is a dual-action sleep aid specially formulated for faster, deeper, and longer sleep. It contains L-ornithine as a stress reducer, and valerian root, hops, and lemon balm for providing anxiolytic benefits. Sleepsyl also contains 6 mg of melatonin per serving, which helps regulate the sleep cycle. The medicinal herbs in this supplement help relax the body and mind before bedtime. 4. Best for Reducing Fatigue Get an energy boost Ingredients Vitamin B complex, adaptogenic complex, Bioperine® Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Fatigue is a common symptom of menopause. For women experiencing it, the lack of energy and mood disorders can impact productivity and self-esteem. With a blend of 8 essential B vitamins, this supplement boosts energy production and metabolism and reduces fatigue. The supplement also has a unique combination of adaptogens such as Siberian ginseng, Reishi mushroom, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Maca, which increases the body's resistance to stress. In combination with Bioperine®, Approved Science's patented concentrated source of piperine, Energysyl ensures the best bioavailability. Piperine is an alkaloid found in black pepper that improves absorption. 5. Best for Improving Mental Clarity Enhance your cognitive function Ingredients Vitamin B complex, lion's mane, Ginkgo biloba, Bacopa monnieri Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Low estrogen levels during menopause can cause mood changes, memory disorders, and mental fog, while anxiety and depression may worsen the symptoms. Approved Science’s Memorysyl has a blend of vitamin B complexes that provide nourishment and protection for the brain tissue. The herbs like lion's mane present in this supplement stimulate the growth of brain cells, while Ginkgo biloba enhances cognitive processes for better memory retention and memory lapse prevention. The supplement also contains Bacopa monnieri, which improves nerve impulse transmission. Memorysyl also promotes neuroplasticity and cell adaptation. 6. Best for Hot Flashes Fight hot flashes Ingredients 10% GLA and other natural essential acids and vitamins Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Caused by the dip in estrogen levels, hot flashes are very common during menopause. As the body becomes highly sensitive to slight changes in body temperature, hot flashes are triggered to cool the body down. Approved Science’s Evening Primrose Oil is a rich source of omega-6 essential fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This blend helps balance hormones to reduce hot flashes. The GLA also converts into prostaglandins, so it can also prevent or relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Evening Primrose Oil also helps boost skin elasticity and health, reduce inflammation, calm the nervous system, and reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, and nerve pain. 7. Best for Relieving Menopause Symptoms Relieve common menopause symptoms Ingredients Black cohosh, chasteberry, red clover, passiflora extract, DIM Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee The sudden drop in sex hormones during menopause is the root cause of symptoms such as hot flashes, dry skin, mood swings, vaginal dryness, etc. Approved Science’s Menoprin contains all-natural ingredients that target specific menopause symptoms and provide relief. This supplement works in all stages of menopause to improve the body's overall hormonal balance. Black cohosh, chasteberry, red clover, passiflora extract, isoflavones, and DIM are some of the ingredients in this supplement that have analgesic properties. They improve blood circulation, balance hormones, and increase bone mineral density. Relieve Menopausal Symptoms With the Right Supplement Menopause is a natural life stage that every woman has to face in their 40s or 50s. During this time, hormonal imbalances can occur, and the resulting symptoms vary from mild to severe. These can disrupt your productivity and quality of life. However, nutritional supplements like the ones on our list that are made from all-natural ingredients can alleviate these symptoms and provide relief, reducing flashes, improving memory, and reducing fatigue. Black cohosh, Siberian ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, lion’s mane, chamomile, and passion flower extract are some well-researched ingredients that help achieve hormonal balance and control menopause symptoms.
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Brain health6 Best Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplements for Insomniacs in 2023Do you lie awake at night unable to fall asleep, tossing and turning as your mind plays with your anxieties or worries? Anxiety and stress are often the cause of insomnia, a disorder where people have trouble falling asleep at night, difficulty staying asleep, and wake up feeling tired and exhausted. When stressed, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline to help manage stress levels. Chronic stress has many negative impacts on your system, and insomnia is one of them. Relaxation techniques, exercise, and nutritional supplements, especially those with herbal adaptogens, are some of the ways to relieve stress and improve your sleep cycle. In this article, we've rounded up the 6 best anxiety and stress relief supplements to manage insomnia and guarantee quality sleep. 6 Best Stress Relief Supplements for Insomniacs Best for Deep Sleep: SleepsylBest for Insomnia: InsomniarBest for Restoring Restful Sleep Patterns: RestlexBest for Improved Sleep Quality: StressylBest for Stress: AshwagandhaBest for Anxiety: Anxietex 1. Best for Deep Sleep Ensure quality sleep Ingredients L-ornithine, valerian root, chamomile, lemon balm Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee For optimum health, you need a good night’s sleep. While all stages of sleep are important, deep sleep provides special physical and mental benefits. Focusing on this stage, Approved Science’s Sleepsyl is a supplement that aids your sleep by reducing anxiety. The supplement's key herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, valerian root, and hops help relieve stress and anxiety while supporting a peaceful sleep. This supplement works by increasing the serotonin levels that help stabilize your mood and optimize the two deepest and most restorative sleep phases. 2. Best for Insomnia Fight insomnia Ingredients L-ornithine, valerian root, chamomile, hops Amount 60 capsules Waranty 60-day money-back guarantee Stress and sleep have a reciprocal relationship—stress can lead to sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation can lead to stress. To support this relationship, Approved Science’s Insomniar contains herbs such as valerian, chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, hops, magnolia bark, and jujube extract that provide an anxiolytic effect and work as a sedative. The supplement also contains amino acid L-ornithine to relieve stress and help you fall asleep. What's more, Reishi mushrooms in the supplement are adaptogenic and contribute to stress relief before sleep, while melatonin works with the body's circadian rhythm to promote restful sleep. This supplement regulates the sleep-wake cycle, decreases stress and anxiety, boosts serotonin levels, and supplements vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 3. Best for Restoring Restful Sleep Patterns Ease anxiety and restlessness Ingredients L-theanine, vitamin B complex, iron, vitamins D3, E, and C, lavender Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a medical condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. Also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, it disrupts your daily activities, but it can also hamper your sleep. Approved Science’s Restlex is formulated to soothe the itching, tingling, and crawling sensations of RLS, regulating muscle function and relieving agitation caused by this condition. By extension, it also helps promote restful sleep. The supplement contains vitamin B-complex, iron, vitamin D3, E, C, and magnesium complexes that improve blood circulation. Usually, RLS flares up during the night, playing havoc with your sleep. Restlex has herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, valerian root, and lavender to help calm your mind and improve sleep while reducing RLS symptoms. 4. Best for Improved Sleep Quality Enhance your sleep quality Ingredients Vitamin B complex, magnesium, ashwagandha, rhodiola Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Quality of sleep is poor when you're stressed, have certain chronic health conditions, have a poor sleep routine, or have any form of sleep disorder. All this can play havoc with your body and mind, causing you to wake up tired, irritated, and have difficulty focusing. Approved Science’s Stressyl is specially formulated to lower your body’s stress levels by reducing cortisol secretion. Its potent dose of natural herbs such as ashwagandha, rhodiola, valerian root, and lemon balm helps calm your nerves and reduce stress, promoting peaceful sleep. What's more, the mineral and vitamin blend in Stressyl boosts energy and negates the effects of stress. 5. Best for Stress Lower your stress levels Ingredients Organic ashwagandha, ginger, Bioperine® Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps adapt to and counter stress. The main active compound in ashwagandha are withanolides—this phytochemical is a steroid compound that helps deal with stress. Advanced Science’s Ashwagandha contains 1500 mg of organic ashwagandha to soothe the body and calm your nerves, which protects against the effects of stress interfering with your sleep. Ashwagandha also reduces inflammation and provides respite from inflammation-related pain. It improves cognitive functions as well, as it prevents memory loss and cognitive decline. Combined with ginger and Bioperine®, this supplement has the best availability of nutrients. 6. Best for Anxiety Keep anxiety at bay Ingredients 5-HTP, L-theanine, valerian root, Siberian ginseng, chamomile Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Having anxiety can be disruptive not only in daily tasks—studies suggest that anxiety can also affect rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. In this phase of sleep, you tend to have vivid dreams, and anxiety can make these dreams disturbing and wake you up. Advanced Science’s Anxietex has beneficial ingredients such as valerian root, 5-HTP, L-theanine, passion flower, chamomile flower, Siberian ginseng, etc. that are specially selected by a team of doctors to combat anxiety. This unique supplement provides dual action—it has both day and night formulas to prevent anxiety. Not only does this supplement address the triggers of anxiety, but it also helps manage anxiety symptoms to promote calm and reduce stress. Its special nighttime formula helps relax the mind and promote healthy sleep by working with the natural circadian rhythm. Ease Stress and Anxiety to Fight Insomnia What keeps you awake at night? Is it unfinished work or the stress of not being able to fall asleep? This vicious cycle is at the heart of insomnia, the world’s most common sleep disorder. Although a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a nutritious diet can help you manage the disorder, supplements specially formulated to counter insomnia can be most effective. Natural supplements like the ones on our list above help improve serotonin levels, have anxiolytic effects, and are adaptogenic in nature, promising to improve your sleep quality.
Graphic of a bone with Ca and Collagen elements around it against a pink background
Bone and joint health8 Best Women’s Supplements to Maintain Bone HealthJoint pain and aching bones seem to be an inevitable part of aging, with conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis being common complaints among the elderly. To maintain bone health, our bodies keep a delicate balance between bone formation and bone loss. As we age, this balance is compromised due to hormonal imbalance. A balanced diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D and regular exercise are extremely important in supporting bone health. However, combining these habits with nutritional supplements with the right combination of nutrients can help protect and maintain bone health even further. In this article, we've put together a list of 8 supplements to promote bone health. 8 Best Calcium Supplements for Healthy Bones Best for Increased Bone Density: BonesylBest for Healthy Joints: AstaxanthinBest for Bone Health: Vitamin D3 + K2Best for Increased Joint Strength: JointprinBest for Strong Bones: Collagen PillsBest for Joint Pain: Evening Primrose OilBest for Joint Inflammation: Krill OilBest for Arthritis: MSM 1. Best for Increased Bone Density Strengthen your bones Ingredients Triple calcium complex, vitamin D3, vitamins K1 and K2, magnesium Amount 120 tablets Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Bone regeneration slows down with age, as it's harder for the body to supply adequate amounts of minerals to fully replace the compounds necessary for regeneration. Approved Science’s Bonesyl is a bone-strengthening supplement that contains a triple calcium complex, and adequate amounts of vitamin D3, K1, K2, and magnesium. These ingredients ensure that calcium is directed straight to the bones, where it's quickly absorbed for optimum results. Bonesyl also helps in reducing the risk of fracture and speeds up the healing of broken bones. 2. Best for Healthy Joints Optimize your joint health Ingredients Organic astaxanthin, zinc, vitamin E Amount 30 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Free radicals are produced in the body as a result of millions of chemical reactions taking place inside. These radicals can cause cartilage damage and joint inflammation, but a strong antioxidant can scavenge them and guarantee optimum joint health. Approved Science’s Astaxanthin provides 12 mg of organic astaxanthin sourced from Haematococcus pluvialis. This is a freshwater microalga that's 800 times stronger than the powerful antioxidant CoQ10. Astaxanthin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and a potent antioxidant. In addition to joint health, astaxanthin helps reduce the risk of diseases such as pulmonary disease, neurodegenerative disease, and inflammatory diseases. What's more, the zinc and vitamin E in the supplement work synergistically with astaxanthin to maximize its function. 3. Best for Bone Health Prevent bone-related illnesses Ingredients Vitamin D3, vitamin K2, Bioperine® Amount 60 capsules Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Calcium is the essential mineral required for strong bones. It prevents osteoporosis and other bone-related health problems. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium from the bowel, while K2 helps in incorporating this calcium into the bone. Combining these powerful vitamins, Approved Science’s Vitamin D3+K2 optimizes calcium absorption in the bone. It contains 5000 IU of vitamin D and 180 mcg of the most absorbable vitamin K (MK7) that supports healthy bones and joints. It prevents calcium deposits in soft tissues such as arteries, channeling the mineral exactly where it's needed the most—the bones. The supplement also supports healthy teeth, strengthens and regulates the immune system, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. 4. Best for Increased Joint Strength Support and protect your joints Ingredients Glucosamine, MSM, hyaluronic acid, L-glutamic acid Amount 90 tablets Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Cartilage is the connective tissue that serves many functions. Joint cartilage covers the end of the bones in the joint, acting as a cushion that protects the joint surface. It also stores synovial fluid, which helps keep the joint lubricated and healthy. However, with age and everyday wear and tear, the cartilage starts to thin out. Approved Science’s Jointprin contains 1300 mg of glucosamine sulfate in every serving which helps repair, grow, and maintain cartilage. In combination with MSM, it helps decrease swelling and alleviate pain for those suffering from osteoarthritis. Together with other medicinal herbs, Jointprin helps increase cartilage production and joint function and supports tissue repair. 5. Best for Strong Bones Promote stronger bones Ingredients Hydrolyzed marine collagen, vitamin C, sodium, Bioperine® Amount 60 tablets Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Cartilage is made up of specialized cells called chondrocytes, which are suspended in a matrix that's largely made of collagen. Collagen stimulates cartilage growth and keeps the joint healthy, so it's important to avoid a collagen deficiency. Approved Science’s Collagen Pills contain hydrolyzed marine collagen, vitamin C, and sodium. Hydrolyzed marine collagen is sourced from wild Alaskan Pollock and is absorbed 1.5 times faster than any other type of collagen, helping strengthen cartilage and bone health. Offering the benefits of collagen combined with Vitamin C, this supplement increases and boosts collagen production, while sodium aids collagen absorption. 6. Best for Joint Pain Relieve the pain in your joints Ingredients 100% pure Evening Primrose Oil Amount 60 soft-gels Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee As joints connect bones, any damage to the joint deteriorates bone health. With lower estrogen levels during menopause and postmenopause, joints get weaker and bones get thinner and more brittle. Approved Science’s Evening Primrose Oil contains 2000 mg of primrose oil per serving to provide healthy omega-6 fatty acids that prevent or relieve PMS and menopause symptoms, including those that relate to joint pain. The supplement helps stabilize hormonal balance and reduce bone loss, minimizing joint pain and inflammation. In addition to alleviating PMS discomfort, the supplement improves skin health, lowers blood pressure, and supports heart health. 7. Best for Joint Inflammation Fight joint inflammation Ingredients KRILL-SCI™ Antarctic krill oil Amount 60 soft-gels Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Omega-3 fatty acids have strong anti-inflammatory properties and provide relief from joint pain by reducing inflammation. Approved Science’s Krill Oil contains 2000 mg of Antarctic krill oil. It has omega-3 complexes (260 mg of EPA and 160 mg of DHA) in the form of phospholipids, making them highly absorbable. Combined with astaxanthin, they reduce inflammation and are beneficial for relieving joint pain and supporting joint functionality. Apart from its benefits for bone health, the supplement also boosts cognitive function and supports healthy cholesterol levels. 8. Best for Arthritis Relieve arthritis pain and inflammation Ingredients OptiMSM®, Bioperine® Amount 60 tablets Warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur that's highly effective in improving arthritis symptoms. It plays an important role in making collagen and glucosamine, which help strengthen joints and bones. Approved Science’s MSM contains 2000 mg of MSM per serving, helping alleviate joint pain and arthritis stiffness. What's more, this supplement repairs muscle damage, enhances the immune system, and improves skin health. The supplement's addition of Bioperine®, a patented piperine extract, ensures maximum absorption and bioavailability of nutrients. Ensure Healthy Bones With the Right Supplement As we grow older, our bone health deteriorates as a natural part of aging. However, that doesn't mean we can't do anything about it—being proactive can slow down the symptoms of aging and improve our quality of life. We can protect and strengthen our bones through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and nutritional supplementation. Nutritional supplements on the list above contain ingredients such as collagen, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, MSM, and medicinal herbs to help maintain bone health, reduce inflammation, and boost collagen synthesis.