Dating Tips After Quarantine: How To Build Trust And Intimacy From 6 Feet Apart

If there is one thing being in quarantine has taught us, it is that our creativity knows no bounds. Being in quarantine forced us to think outside the box and to find loopholes in almost any situation we found ourselves in, but the one thing we still haven’t been able to get our heads around is the desire for physical human contact. A hug, a snuggle, a kiss – all of the interactions that physically connect us with our friends, family, and of course, our significant others.

The pandemic has literally turned every new and blossoming intimate relationship into a long-distance one, which has without a doubt brought about many difficult challenges. But the one good thing that has come out of this entire experience, especially for potential or relatively new relationships is that it has allowed us to connect with each other on a much deeper and emotional level sans the physical intimacy.  

Now that the stay at home order has been lifted in some states, you and your partner may feel ready to venture out of your Zoom or Facetime comfort zone and meet up in person for a date. When this does happen and you are ready for a face to face get together, social distancing is still one of the non-negotiable rules set forth by almost every country to help curb the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 virus. This is where your creativity will get a chance to really shine, but if you are not too sure where to go or how to have a social distancing date, here are a few date ideas to try this summer. 

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Romantic Picnics

Having a picnic outdoors offer sample space to social distance and a scenic view that tops any tv screen or monitor. Parks have become the new bars and restaurants without the frustration of slow service or shouting over the ‘always too loud’ background music. The best part of all is that it is also wallet-friendly. Instead of splurging on a $13 cocktail, you can buy a decadent red wine and share it over some interesting and intimate conversation. Pack a blanket and some pillows or folding lawn chairs if you have some at home. Some individually packed snacks are also a great option to reduce any contact with each other’s food. If you do bring along finger foods or a packet of crisps, make sure you bring two bowls along and something to serve them with like forks and spoons. 

Cooler Vibes

Socially distant dating at the beach!

Going for a swim at the public pool or beach (if you are lucky enough to have one that is open in your area) is a great way to cool off and stay 6 feet apart. You can show off your diving and breaststroke skills or just lounge around together with your feet in the water.

A picnic basket is also a welcome treat on this social distancing date. If you are planning on spending most of your day at the pool or beach, be sure to bring your SPF lotion along. You don’t want any of those harsh rays leaving you with sun damage. 

Grab A Quick Bite

Restaurants all across the country have slowly started to open their doors to patrons for sit down meals. If both you and your date are comfortable enough to enjoy a speed wine and dine, then a table outdoors is the perfect way to distance yourself from the traffic of staff and patrons indoors. Make sure you sanitize often and wear your masks at all times until you are ready to eat. Dining out will be quite a different experience than what you are used to so be sure to take all the necessary precautions to help reduce your risk from the virus. 

Catch The Drive-In Movie

Some of the things our parents used to enjoy like drive-in movies are making a huge comeback and to be honest, they never should have faded out to begin with. If you and your partner are keen for some ‘Grease’ nostalgia, romance at the drive-in is definitely the way to go then. If you and your partner live together then it is safe to sit in the same car, but if you are on a social distance date, you may want to meet each other in your own cars and park right next to each other and wind down the windows. If you have folding lawn chairs, those are also a great option to sit comfortably together with a 6-foot distance apart.

Make A Racket 

If you and your date enjoy being active then why not bond over a round of non-contact sports like tennis. Most public courts have started to open their doors and nets to the public and provide ample space to maintain a distance and have some blood pumping fun too. Adding a playful competitive streak to your relationship is a great way to open the door for a deeper and more emotional element to the relationship.

Playing a few rounds of tennis is also a great way to connect on a much deeper level because there are no masks to hide behind or alcohol to keep the conversation going. It is just you, your date, the ball and the net. You will more than likely land up having a few blunders and hilarious moments, which will soon be valuable memories that you can both laugh at and talk about for years to come. 


If tennis is a little too far out of your league then why not try some mini-golf instead. You may be thinking that this is more suited for children, but there are so many mini-golf venues popping up around the country that cater to good clean adult fun too. Depending on your area, some courses offer a complete 18 holes, which are lengthier than traditional kiddies courses, giving you more bang for your buck and a pleasant day outdoors. Just be sure to ask the reception to sanitize the clubs and balls before handing them to you. 

Embracing The New Way Of Dating Post COVID-19

Quarantine has really created a shift in the way we think and interact with people. And with physical contact off the table for most new couples, it has opened up a new world of courtship and dating. It has afforded us the opportunity to really connect and get to know each other by communicating in an open and vulnerable way.

With the six-foot distance rule in place and limited contact, it has forced us to become creative and innovative in the way we socialize. Perhaps this is not such a bad thing after all. We get to spend quality time together on dates without the pressure of getting physical but rather having fun together doing interesting new activities other than Netflix and chill or screaming over the droning music in the background at local pubs and clubs. With extra safety measures in place and these eventful social distancing activities in hand, you are guaranteed to sweep your date right off their feet in no time!

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