Tips For Managing Traveler’s Anxiety This Summer

If the idea of leaving your known area and venturing off on vacation fills you with anxiety, this post is for you. Before we get into our tips for managing traveler’s anxiety, let’s make something clear: you have no reason to feel guilty because your response is different than the “typical” response to vacation. Experiencing anxiety before and even during travel is completely normal. As someone who lives for travel, I hope these tips will help you to be able to enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of traveling. Let’s get started!

Tip 1: Talk About It

Sharing your stress with someone who you trust can actually help you to reduce stress (1). Talking about your feelings allows you to process them, and verbalizing your worries can make them seem more manageable. Confiding in a friend or family member who understands and supports you can provide comfort and reassurance. Additionally, discussing your travel plans and concerns with someone who has experience can offer valuable insights and practical advice, making you feel more prepared.

If speaking to someone directly feels daunting, consider writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Journaling can be a therapeutic way to explore and articulate your anxieties. It allows you to reflect on your concerns and identify patterns or triggers, which can be addressed more effectively. Sometimes, simply acknowledging your anxiety and giving yourself permission to feel it can be a powerful step towards managing it.

Tip 2: Plan And Prepare

One of the most effective ways to combat travel anxiety is through thorough planning. If you know what to expect, it can remove some of the fear of the unknown and thereby reduce stress. Researching your route and planning for the journey can help you feel more in control. Additionally, learning about your destination can help familiarize you with the culture, language, and local customs so that it feels like less of an unknown. Additionally, if you find lists helpful, make as many as you need – a packing list, a rest stops list, a detailed itinerary, a list of travel times, or any other list that can help to keep you calm. But don’t put too much reliance on the lists and try to remember that it’s okay to be flexible and go with the flow a bit.

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Tip 3: Breathe And Practice Relaxation Techniques

Whether you’re coping with traveler’s anxiety or general anxiety, incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your routine can help calm your mind and reduce anxiety. Deep breathing exercises are particularly effective. Try inhaling deeply through your nose, holding for a few seconds, and then exhaling slowly through your mouth. Meditation can also be beneficial. You can use guided meditation apps or simple breathing exercises to stay present and focused. Alternatively, or for an added bonus, you could try progressive muscle relaxation, which involves tensing and then slowly relaxing different muscle groups in your body, and can help release physical tension and promote relaxation.

Tip 4: Maintain Physical Health

Taking care of your physical health not only improves your overall well-being but also makes it easier to manage travel anxiety. By incorporating regular exercise, a balanced diet, and good sleep hygiene into your routine, you can help reduce stress and enjoy your travels with greater ease.

Regular exercise and proper nutrition can help to lower overall stress (2). Even simple exercises like walking, stretching, or yoga can make a significant difference. Aim to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine, even while traveling. When it comes to nutrition, in addition eating a balanced diet, including certain herbs into your diet can help your body to better cope with anxiety and stress. For example, Chamomile is considered to be a calming herb that is often consumed in a tea. However, some of the best herbs for calming anxiety are not so easily incorporated into a diet. For getting the benefits of these herbs, supplements can come in handy. For example, Siberian Ginseng, Bacopa Monniera, Passion Flower, and Valerian Root are some of the herbs that make Anxietex™ into the powerful anti-anxiety supplement that is loved by our customers.

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Traveler’s anxiety is a common occurrence and can be managed with many of the same techniques as other types of anxiety. Expressing your feelings, making a plan to reduce the causes of stress, breathing deep, and taking good care of yourself physically can all have an impact on the intensity of your anxiety. From all of us at Approved Science®, we wish you safe travels and a wonderful vacation.

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