Approved Science® ACV Gummies vs Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies

ACV gummies seem to be all the rage lately, and thankfully, that means that you have choices when it come to buying some for yourself. But what’s the difference? you ask yourself. Is it worth spending a few extra dimes on one or the other? Comparing labels can be a tedious exercise, so I’ll spare you the heavy lifting. Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of Approved Science® ACV Gummies vs Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies with quick answers if you’re in a hurry and background information to satisfy your curiosity.

Which Has More ACV?

Quick answer: Approved Science® ACV Gummies.

More details: Hum Nutrition provides 500 mg of ACV while Approved Science® ACV Gummies contain 1000 mg of ACV. Both contain “the Mother” which is touted as one of the main source of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Which Has More Sugar?

Quick answer: Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies.

More details: Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies include 3 grams of added sugar which is equivalent to 6% of the DV for sugar. Approved Science® only contains 2 grams of sugar per serving.

Despite containing less sugar, the ACV gummies from Approved Science® could still be considered sweet. It is regarded as our favorite supplement in the Approved Science® office and when I inquired, our team had much to say about their flavor. The taste has been described as yummy and sugary though others say that the shot of vinegar helps to offset the sugar taste. Some say that it is tasty, sweet, mildly apple-y and vinegary but that the 2 tastes compliment each other. Try it for yourself.

Which Is Cheaper?

Quick answer: It depends on how many you buy. At a glance Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies appears to be cheaper, but if you buy a package deal, Approved Science® ACV Gummies actually come out to a better price.

More details: A single bottle of Hum ACV costs around $26 whereas a bottle of ACV Gummies from Approved Science® is around $50. (Yes, it’s double the price. It’s also double the ACV per serving and contains a more extensive formula but we’ll discuss that below.) When you buy a 3 bottle package, the price drops down to around $32 per bottle and if you buy 6 bottles, it comes out to just under $24 per bottle. So if you buy more, and you’re going to want to, then it actually comes out cheaper than Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies.

In addition to saving money by buying a package deal, you can combine those savings with the special discounts that Approved Science® sends out in their emails or hides inside their blog posts for special readers like you. For example, if you scroll down just a bit further, you’ll see an ad you can click on for 10% off your purchase of Approved Science® ACV Gummies.

Which Has The Better Formula?

Quick answer: I’m a bit biased but I’d say Approved Science® ACV Gummies have a better formula than Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies. Allow me to provide you with more details and then you can decide for yourself.

More details: Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies have a simple formula. They contain 500 mg ACV, 2.5 mcg Vitamin B12, and 15 mg of a probiotic called Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2. The ACV is claimed to help with metabolism, the Vitamin B12 is for producing cellular energy, and the probiotics support gut health.

Approved Science® contains 1000 mg ACV which is double the amount found in the Hum Nutrition gummies. It also contains 2.4 mcg of Vitamin B12, which is .1 less that Hum, but equal to 100% of the DV (1). While our ACV gummies do not contain an added probiotic like Hum’s, it does contain a greater dosage of “the Mother” which naturally contains probiotics. Plus, our formula doesn’t end there -it also contains vitamins and minerals as well as extracts from Organic Pomegranates, Purple Carrots, and Beetroots which are loaded with antioxidants.

You can find out more about our formula in our ACV Gummies ingredients section, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll sum up the benefits here. The ingredients in Approved Science® ACV Gummies have been shown to support immune function, boost mood, regulate blood pressure, fight inflammation, and support energy production and weight loss.

Which Has A Better Return Policy?

Quick answer: Approved Science® will give you your money back. Hum Nutrition will not.

More details: If for some reason, you discover that you don’t like Approved Science® ACV Gummies (gasp), you are able to return the product for a full refund, excluding the shipping cost, for up to 60 days. Every product from Approved Science® is backed with a money-back satisfaction guarantee because we want what is best for you. Hum Nutrition offers no such guarantee.

Approved Science® ACV Gummies vs Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies: Bottom Line

Approved Science® ACV GummiesHum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies
ACV Dosage1000 mg500 mg
Sugar2 g3 g
CostCheaper when buying moreCheaper when buying one
Formula Contains added vitamins, minerals, and fruit extractsOnly contains additional B12 and probiotic
BenefitsMetabolism, energy, gut health, immune function, blood pressure, inflammationMetabolism, energy, gut health
Satisfaction Guarantee60-day money-back guaranteeNo satisfaction guarantee

Both apple cider vinegar gummies come from reputable brands so this comparison focused on the formulas. Approved Science® ACV Gummies contain twice as much ACV as Hum Nutrition Pro ACV Gummies and 1 gram less of sugar per serving. Our gummies contain more beneficial ingredients than Hum’s but without compromising on the amount of ACV, so there is a high chance that you experience more health benefits with Approved Science® ACV Gummies.

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