How Increased Blood Flow Reduces DHT in the Scalp

DHT hormone is one of the leading causes of hair loss. See what role DHT plays and how DHT blockers may improve hair growth.

Marie-Claire de Villiers
By Marie-Claire de Villiers
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Approved Science
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published December 19, 2022.

Man pictured from the back with thinning hair

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is considered by many to be one of the main causes of hair loss in men. DHT is a naturally occurring androgen, which is a sex hormone, and it's increasingly being identified as a cause of hair loss.

This hormone is important for the development of ‘male’ characteristics like body hair. However, it can unfortunately also lead to hair thinning, a receding hairline, and hair loss. DHT causes inflammation and thinning or death of the small blood vessels, which can affect hair follicles and limit hair growth.

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How Blood Flow Removes DHT From the Scalp

Healthy circulation and blood flow provide a flood of nutrients to the scalp, ensuring healthy hair growth. As DHT binds to androgen receptors, it blocks them from receiving the necessary nutrients and producing healthy hair.

However, increased blood flow to the scalp aids the transportation of nutrients to the androgen receptors, blocking DHT and allowing for free flow into the hair follicle. This way, increased blood flow in the scalp reduces the negative effects of DHT on hair growth.

How to Minimize DHT Levels

DHT levels can be brought down by a healthier lifestyle, including no smoking, reducing stress, and getting enough rest. The regular practice of massaging the scalp also helps reduce DHT, as it encourages blood flow in the scalp. Aside from relying on amino acids, vitamin B complex, and other supplements for maintaining healthy hair like vitamin E oil, you may want to also consider a DHT blocker medication for faster results.

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Reduce DHT for Improved Hair Growth

Aside from choosing supplements like biotin and collagen for treating hair loss, taking DHT Blockers such as Approved Science's Hairprin™ can significantly assist in preventing hair loss and increasing hair growth. Paired with using herbs like fo-ti in the right amount or using other natural hair boosters, supplements like Hairpin can vastly accelerate your journey toward luscious hair.

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